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What Is Real Healthcare?

August 06, 2017 Mary S. Wallis

What Is Real Healthcare?
There is a great deal of talk regarding health insurance and its costs. While purchasing health insurance that pays for testing and treatment may be necessary, it is not in my opinion health care. It is focused on what goes wrong within the human body. Real healthcare is investing in keeping your whole system - body, mind, and spirit - balanced in support of overall health...

Hyper-Reality: Friend or Foe?

June 05, 2017 Mary S. Wallis


Watching this video: "Hyper-Reality", I was agast! While technology can indeed augment our lives for the better, this over-the-top vision of capitalism has me concerned. Knowing how important nature is to our health through the study of Oriental medical philosophy, the cage of addictive deception that this segment demonstrates shows how completely disconnected we can become when technology rules us. And then what?!...

I Believe!

May 01, 2017 Mary S. Wallis

Mary and the Healing Energy Blanket

Since the inception of the Healing Energy Blanket, my scientific analytical side questioned: "Does the energy contained in the healing blanket get stored in the cotton fibers, as Grad suggested by his research, where healing energy was imparted to cotton?" Their experiment found that it did. And, from an Empirical sense (meaning clinical practice experience), we've been proving that to ourselves...

Who Buys the Healing Energy Blanket?

March 09, 2017 Mary S. Wallis

The Healing Energy Blanket

The question was recently posed to us online, "who buys the Healing Energy Blanket?". The answer is:
Friends, family, and co-workers as gifts to celebrate weddings, births, and other milestones. People with health challenges seeking comfort...

My Approach to Medicine: Vitalism

March 09, 2017 Mary S. Wallis


The medicine I practice reminds the human of their unique balance. There are two factions in science. The mechanists deal with the human body as a machine in which parts can be replaced, retooled, or re-lubricated. The vitalists deal with the human as a whole and concentrate on the vital energy underlying all form and function of the human body. I am a vitalist...