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Healing In My Fifties

I have grappled with health issues much of my life. Being in my fifth decade has brought a whole new meaning to healing. Those of you who have reached that decade know of what I speak. Those of you who have yet to reach that decade may be able to prove me wrong by following the advice offered on our blogs, the Natural Healing Products blog and the Better Health Library. Each season has its gifts and its challenges. I love being in my fifth decade because I have had some brushes with the reality of my mortality and feel lucky to be here. My own mother didn’t make it to this decade. By giving to yourself, the joy of life can blossom. By showing love of self with regular massage, at least seasonal tune-up meridian therapy acupuncture sessions, and a passion filled exercise program, you too can feel lucky to be alive and revel in the living of it. Let me share with you my latest exercise passion, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®...

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“Reiki Awakening” – Healing Energy Blanket Review

...I received a package a short while later. The Healing Blanket is absolutely beautiful. It’s healing energy-charged, and also embroidered. It has a gorgeous angel image design. And, as you can see, my cat, Pippy, loves it! Before I even opened it from its package, he was laying on it in the box... 

Pippy on the Healing Blanket

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“An ADD Woman” – Healing Energy Blanket Review

This is a reprinting of a post by Brenda Nicholson for her ADHD blog “An ADD Woman“, 22 Dec 2014.

A Time for Healing

During this holiday season, our thoughts turn to our friends and family. Gifts are exchanged, meals shared, and love is in the air.

It seems a perfect time to tell you about my experiences with what is called a healing blanket. In particular, the Te A Te Reiki Healing Energy Blanket from Improved Healing...

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“Obviously MARvelous” – Healing Energy Blanket Review

An excerpt from a December 2014 post by Marcie Warner for her lifestyle blog “Obviously MARvelous”.

Obviously MARvelous - Healing Blanket Review
...I am a very high strung, anxious person and also have a rather fierce temper that is easily agitated. From the moment I opened my  Healing Energy Blanket I could feel a sensation of peace and calmness come over me. I knew within the first five minutes of being wrapped in my new blanket that this was definitely something special and just the tranquility it offered me alone was worth its weight in gold. I also adore the stunning stained glass angel featured on the blanket, which is a custom image used by Improved Healing that just made me smile in my serene state...

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