Healthy Breast Month

Losing my mother to breast cancer when I was thirteen was challenging. I was always that strange kid that made my friends painfully aware of how lucky they were to fight with their mother during their teen years. While medicine has changed dramatically since her ordeal, the fight to recover one’s health remains an endurance competition. I thank her often for her perseverance of those debilitating procedures. For, if it were not for her pioneering efforts, today’s medicine would not be what it is in regards to breast cancer.

Because of my experience with watching my mother’s struggle, I have dedicated my life to assisting people challenged by illness. My goal is to help the one suffering to regain their natural capacity to heal while also assisting them to endure the malady. Sometimes that is relieving anxiety over the unknown. Often it is helping them to reduce or eliminate their pain. And, in my clinical practice, it is often just lending a compassionate but unemotional ear.

The Healing Energy Blanket came about due to a mandate my Reiki teacher gave me upon completing my teacher indoctrination. She asked me to attempt to get Reiki into the hospitals. When my husband Mark and I were discussing this in November of 2011, we decided on the blanket idea due to the fact that whenever I have been in or visited the hospital it has always been cold. We decided on his angel transom stained glass art piece because we wanted an image that was somewhat universal. Most religions have angels. And the image is colorful. In the oriental philosophy, vibrancy feeds Jing (that difficult-to-explain essence that feeds our core). The medium weight of the blanket means it can be used in all seasons.

My mother would have liked the blanket. I can see her curled up with a good book with the blanket draped around her. She was an avid reader. I think that she would sometimes break the T.V. just to have some quiet time in the house that was full of seven children. When I would complain that it was broken, she would hand me a book and tell me to appreciate the quiet while exercising my imagination. Now, in my continued studies of meridian therapy and the vital energy that courses through and creates us, I know that sentiment to be somewhat Zen. Quieting the mind and allowing thoughts to move through without attachment is a great healing practice when coupled with deep relaxed breathing. Allowing the quiet to infuse oneself with fortitude charges the healing mechanisms. Coupling those practices with the Healing Energy Blanket amplifies the effects.