21 Days of Healing


Cultivating Vital Energy through Sound
by Mary S. Wallis L.Ac.

We use an angel on the Te A Te Reiki Healing Energy Blanket as it has historically been a symbol of the messenger. The message is, you can heal—as healing comes from within and is innate to our being. Your healing capacity can be cultivated.
Come with me as I show you how to cultivate that healing capacity one "baby step" at a time.

Go at your own pace. All the exercises are presented below:

Day 1.  Breathe Smoothly
Day 2.  Strengthen Your Abdominal Muscles
Day 3.  Develop Your Hand-Ki
Day 4.  Choose A Sound
Day 5.  "Su" the Sound of Center
Day 6.  "A", the Sound of Awakening
Day 7.  "Wa", the Sound of Return from Expansion
Day 8.  The Three Sounds "Su-A-Wa"
Day 9.  Quiet the Fighting Mind
Day 10.  "A" is the Dimension of Spirit
Day 11.  "U" is the Dimension of Physical Being
Day 12.  The Breath Moves Through 3 Tan Dens
Day 13.  Focus on your Tsubo Points
Day 14.  A Day Of Rest
Day 15.  Let Your Hands Feel the Connection
Day 16.  Awaken Your Bo Points
Day 17.  Raise Your Protective Ki
Day 18.  Heal with Hands-on Technique
Day 19.  Clear Your Abdomen
Day 20.  Press Gently in a Spiral
Day 21.  Put The Practices Together