Seven Videos to Restore Your JING

Jing is the energy you get from appreciating nature or art. 
These short videos will help you restore your Jing, 
to empower your vital essence.
Learn more: Visual Reiki, Feeding Jing

Breathe deep. 
Rest your hands in your lap.
Be here for a minute or two and enjoy. 

Grasses blowing in a gentle wind. Sounds of birds. 

A view of five beautiful sunrises. Sound: Music by Jason Shaw. 
Thanks to video artists from Pixabay: Hans Braxmeier, adege, Zaid Pro. 


A small horse on a sunny day. Natural sounds including batting practice next--door. 


Fire Night. Natural sounds. 


On the banks of the Missouri River. Natural sounds. 


A minute with a little pine cone. Sounds of birds. 


Two wild rabbits having a rest on a breezy day. Sounds of birds. 


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