Feeding “Jing”

Jing is a hard-to-translate human aspect spoken of in Asian energy medicine philosophy. It is often translated in English as essence. Jing empowers growth, reproduction, and longevity.

We are born with ancestral jing. Ancestral Jing is imparted to us by our parents, who gained it from their parents and so on. All that lineage comes to us at conception. We, today, might talk about that aspect as genetic jing. Ancestral Jing supports us in our early years as we learn and grow. However, around age thirty, our ancestral Jing (our inheritance), has been used up. Acquiring Jing, needs to be accomplished. Health and continued existence would be helped tremendously by early education in feeding Jing/essence. We feed and nurture this essence, Jing, by appreciating the experiences of life’s many gifts.

A beautiful sunrise or sunset that “takes our breath” feeds our jing. A walk through the Botanical Gardens (pictured above) finds us mesmerized by a sculpture that feeds that vital essence. Appreciating the tastes, aromas, and textures of a well-prepared meal with relaxing music fortifies our essence. Enjoying the company of a loved one and helping others directly or even indirectly enhances our jing. Experiences that make you feel warm and bring a smile to your lips: the usual response to feeding jing.

Breathe those moments in consciously. That will feed your Jing well past the gifted inheritance. Just as we take in food and water to replenish our vital life force/energy, breathing in Jing fortifies our capacity for continuance. Life will feel more enriched. Health becomes enhanced. No matter one's health, breathing in life's treasures feeds us body, mind, and soul.

What are the treasures of life? When young, you may have discovered a rock as you walked along the river's shore. The shine, the smoothness, and the color dazzled. Or maybe you treasured Mom's back rubs with her long fingernails caressing your skin readying you for bedtime. As you grew, more opportunities emerged, such as riding with reckless abandon down a hill on your two-wheel bike. The wind buffeting your progress with cooling force. As an adult, perhaps you discovered the joy in giving a gift to someone in need. Or visiting a shut-in and raising their spirits.

Especially when feeling powerless to help, that small outreach serves two people. The giver and the receiver enjoy a Jing feeding opportunity. The trick is being conscious of that moment and taking the time to take a conscious, deeply relaxing, breath.

I hear from those who have purchased one of our Healing Energy Tools as a gift. They tell me how fun it is to anticipate the arrival of the item designated to be gifted. They have learned that it is the "anticipation" part that brings about the most healing of energy vibrations. Anticipating the fun that comes when they get that text or call from the recipient who is thanking them for the thoughtfulness that they have shown. Both enjoy a connection that has the possibility of feeding Jing. Simply take a breath when you experience one of those anticipatory moments. Or those who gift a loved one with a Healing Energy Blanket, wrapping them in a hug with the unveiling. Breathe in that hug! You're feeding Jing. Drinking a favorite beverage out of one of the Healing Energy Mugs while musing about the senders support can sometimes feel like a hug. All warmth and tingle. That feeds Jing. Breathe it in deeply.

Visual Reiki infuses our Healing Energy Tools with that same life affirming Jing-feeding vibration. Not only the recipient and the sender benefit. Anyone who sees the image imparted on that tool benefits. Blankets enfold the recipient in the love offered by the sender and the love imparted by the traditional practice of Usui-Reiki. A "wear the love, share the love" scenario. The same holds true of all our offerings.

I view life as a treasure hunt. Find the treasure in life's precious moments. Even the challenging moments. Grief, tragedy, and general malady, all too, have little gifts therein. Perhaps someone you thought had forgotten you sent a note of kindness to ease your grief. That storm damage gets made less costly by the generosity of a neighbor's assistance. Your chest swells with love while helping.... You fill in the blank. Search out those treasured moments. Remember to breathe them in fully and deeply. Remember to exhale too. Slower than the inhale and with relish. That feeds your vital essence, and the exhalation helps rid you of excess. Too much of anything (deficiency or excess) causes imbalance. It is imbalance that makes life harder or brings about ill health.