Visual Reiki

Healing images as a visual link to the vibration of vital energy.

Jing is an aspect of vital force that relates to growth and reproduction, time and space, and continuing. And it is through the appreciation of art and the beauty of nature that Jing can be acquired.
—from blog post "What is Visual Reiki?!".

Photos by William and Mary S. Wallis.


Relax, recharge, and revive with your very own beacon of healing love. Purchase a Visual Reiki Print to hang in any room. Then gaze upon it to gain the feeling of healing.
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The following photos have been charged with the Reiki tradition intending healing and are our gift to you. Gaze upon them, clear your mind, and breathe deep. Let the energy spark your unique healing capacity.
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Visual Reiki photo - "Fall Leaves"
Visual Reiki photo - "Points of Light"
Visual Reiki photo - "Sunset on Missouri river at Hermann"
Visual Reiki photo - "Horse Farm Sunset"
Visual Reiki photo - "Sunset-Flying-Geese"
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