Oh My Aching Bones

Halloween Skeleton

Arthritis pain can really put a pinch on the fun activities of late Autumn. Usually the weather is turning colder and damper. That only exasperates the condition. So putting up those Halloween decorations for the delight of the neighborhood children and family can seem like a chore. There are ways to reduce your pain and restore your zest for the holiday.

The Healing Energy Blanket has reduced or relieved pain for many of its owners. It is easy to fit into your lifestyle. Simply use it as a blanket would be used. You can sleep with it. Or you can watch T.V. while wrapped up in it. And it shares well when snuggling.

Other self help support calls for changing your diet and lifestyle. Ginger compresses or soaks can do wonders for relieving the pain and swelling while restoring function. Stretching and strengthening fortify so smooth movement can be obtained.

In the mineral world, hematite, Onyx, and aventurine relieve pain and support the bones and the joints. Remember to remove your jewelry at night. It protects the item. And you want to keep your body responsive to the mineral. If you wear it all the time, the body gets used to the stimulus maybe making the piece less effective.

Enjoy the season’s changes by supporting your natural healing mechanisms so that even on the rainy days life’s gifts are worth experiencing.