What Is Visual Reiki?!

Visual Reiki photo - "Yellow Butterfly on a Pink Flower"

Reiki translates to Universal Life Energy. The vital energy that underlies and courses through our being, that animates us, and that collects to become form.

It can be infused through intention into cotton and drawn upon by people who receive the cotton, according to studies by Grad in the 1960s.

That is the basis of our Te A Te Reiki Healing Energy Blanket. We believe that potential translates to all natural materials.

In the Oriental Healing Philosophy, it is chi (Chinese) or Ki (Japanese) that when smoothly flowing throughout the body manifests health and vitality. We draw in Ki through our pores, by eating, from sound, by experiencing smell, when inhaling, and by seeing. Jing is an aspect of this vital force that relates to growth and reproduction, time and space, and continuing. And it is through the appreciation of art and the beauty of nature that Jing can be acquired.

William and I, through intention and meditation, infuse this vital energy into the art he produces. Visual Reiki art pieces have the inherent vibrations of color. And they are also infused with vital energy by a meditative practice. So that simply by hanging the art piece in your room a vibration occurs to bring about harmony. This vibration can also be accessed more directly by looking at the art piece. It is said that all energies of the body that travel the meridians contribute to the eyes. That means that the eyes can infuse vital energy to all the energies of the body. It is a great way to spark healing potential.

Think about the last time you were camping or nature walking and saw a beautiful sunset or sunrise. Or perhaps you enjoyed a day at the Art Museum. How did that experience impact you? Did you come away feeling infused with life and vitality?  The eyes are the window to the soul, it is said.

The Earth Angel on the Healing Energy Blanket has been meditated upon so that the image itself radiates healing energy to remind you of what you already know but, perhaps, have forgotten. That comes from the colors chosen, as well as, from the energy infused through intention and meditation. Many of the Healing Energy Blanket owners keep it displayed on the back of a couch to benefit from this vibration.

Humans have the capacity to regain balance. With balance, we have the ability to traverse most terrains. Life isn't always easy. Utilizing tools to remind us of our own adaptability helps us to manage the challenges presented. Healing comes from within. Our mission is to help folks back on the path to living a healed life. Let the power of Te A Te Reiki aid you in your healing journey.