“An ADD Woman” – Healing Energy Blanket Review

This is a reprinting of a post by Brenda Nicholson for her ADHD blog “An ADD Woman“, 22 Dec 2014. The original may be viewed at:

A Time for Healing

During this holiday season, our thoughts turn to our friends and family. Gifts are exchanged, meals shared, and love is in the air.

It seems a perfect time to tell you about my experiences with what is called a healing blanket. In particular, the Teate Reiki Healing Energy Blanket from Improved Healing.

Teate Reiki Healing Blanket

Isn’t it beautiful?

Note: Improved Healing sent me a blanket to try and review. The opinions and experiences are my own.

Now I’m sure some of you are unfamiliar with reiki and may doubt the claims that this blanket makes.

Let me start with that.

Reiki is Japanese in origin and refers to using energy to reduce stress, induce relaxation, and promote healing. Teate is a particular form of reiki.

You might be more familiar with prayer, prayer cloths, and the laying on of hands.

This, to me, is simply another form of the same thing.

Reiki practitioners believe that the healing energy from a Higher Power is channeled through them and to the person that they are working with. As in prayer, personal contact is not necessary.

This blanket has been personally charged by Mary A. Wallace L.A.c., an acupuncturist and reiki practitioner who designed this blanket to carry the vibrational energies to the wearer.

The energy is retained by the natural cotton fibers and does not diminish with use, age, or washing.

I have been aware of reiki for many years and have even been the recipient once.

Here are my experiences with the Teate Healing Energy Blanket.

First, not only is the blanket beautiful, but it is of high quality. It’s thick, heavy, and soft.

Right around the time I received the blanket, we had some issues at home.

We had to call 911 for my dad, who was having trouble breathing. He has a heart condition, and is almost 92 years old. He’s been in the hospital for over 2 weeks.

As you can imagine, my stress level has been off the charts. My depression and anxiety have gotten considerably worse, and then my stomach starts hurting.

Wrapping myself in the Teate Healing Energy Blanket has brought me instant calm and peace as well as soothing my stomach.

My dog picked up on the blanket right away. I’m told this often happens, and I’m sure she would steal it if she could.

As it is, my daughter has claimed it for herself so I rarely get to use it. She suffers from severe anxiety and depression, so I’m sure it’s a comfort to her.

Grandpa will be the next recipient so that he can benefit from it’s healing energy.

It is truly the most meaningful gift I have received this season and I will cherish it.

Maybe you know someone who could use the gift of healing?