Celebrating Life!

Celebrating Life!
Twenty one years past my near death experience due to an asthma episode. And twenty years living cancer free after the melanoma was excised. I feel pretty fortunate and am celebrating my living the healed life.

While I am actively working to, daily, live a healthier existence, certainly there are those times that I backtrack from the mission. Finding forgiveness of those rogue times takes practice. When I do forgive myself and am grateful for the bonus days and now years, it feels easier. Getting back on the path takes one baby step at a time as I progress toward a healthier existence.

Divine intervention seems to lead me to the right support. I discovered therapeutic massage that lead me further into a life supported by alternative health modalities. From the very start of my massage career, Reiki has been a companion. Years of practice lead me to Kototama/Inochi Meridian Therapy. Those practices have opened a whole world of natural support and a better understanding of Reiki. I'm healthier now in my late fifties than I was in my late twenties. My diet is better, my mental machinations less chaotic, and my spirit soars with the "work" that I accomplish.

Life on the path to healing isn't always easy. I have found it to be right for me. And I feel honored that I am able to share my learning with those whom I serve encouraging in them the ability to reignite their healing mojo. There are days the "battle seems uphill" as my Father would often say. He would then follow with "this too shall pass". Dr. Tan said a similar thing at an education event. He said "...just wait if times are bad and they will get better again. It's the law of Yin and Yang." I like to be a little more proactive.

Each moment we are making decisions that either cultivate vital force or tax it. Our job is to learn to gather supportive energy and recognize when we are being taxed. By eating colorful non-processed foods with a propensity toward organic and local, we gather Chi (Chinese), Ki (Japanese), energy. We have ancestral energy and gathered energy. We have control over the gathering of energy. The air that we breathe, the food and drink we consume, and the experiences with family, friends, and nature can fortify our personal energy. Our job is to choose these experiences moment by moment wisely thereby adding to our health.

Reiki helps to amplify our abilities. I began studying Reiki early in my career. I feel that has lead me to better decisions overall. As a professional, Reiki then adds to the support I provide my patients. I always say that Reiki is inherent. It translates to Universal Life Force. So one can study it as Reiki or Te A Te or the energy behind yoga. Yes, I could go on as there are so many practices to cultivate vital energy. Choose yours that best suits you. Start with the easy stuff like great food, drink, and experiences. Feed yourself consciously the energy that sustains you. Then the path of living the healed life will unfold into the horizon.

Mary S. Wallis, L.Ac., NCCAOM Acupuncture Diplomate, L.M.T., C.N.M.T.
Energy Medicine Practitioner in the Japanese styles of Kototama/Inochi Medicine and Usui Reiki
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