Healing Our Grief

Healing Our Grief


Hermann Hill Bed and Breakfast - Gazebo over the Missouri

Healing our grief through the five physical senses takes us to Hermann Hill. The physical energies support the spiritual energies which then support Life Will, Life Power, and the continuing of time and space. The opposite can be true when overusing the physical energies or over indulging the five physical senses. Dosage is the key. This trip on the path to healing, I feel we hit the "Goldie Locks Zone". The water therapies coupled with the river scenery and the attention to detail in our relaxation venue supported us fully. Healing was allowed. We've arrived home refreshed and restored. Our Healing Energy Blanket further empowered our transition. Read on and I'll tell you of our stay at Hermann Hill Cottage 201.

I hear the roar of the train below our deck as I relax watching the Missouri swirl by. The vibration of the train rocks me gently. Tranquil sounds of the deck Jacuzzi humming, underscored by the river's sound of motion, fill my soul. I breathe deeply.

Grief of my Father's passing eases. My husband, for whom I am so grateful, has his birthday today. The first one to be celebrated since Dad's transition just a few short months ago.

Relaxing Day

My Healing Energy Blanket cradles my head as I rest in the deck chair and watch the river roll past; the hawk peruses his domain and then meanders to his nest on the far side of the river's bank; a chameleon scurries along the deck railing. The baggage I brought with me this time, I release to the lazy waters. My body's fatigue is honored. The tension in my hard worked shoulders, having carried my Father's burdens for so long, respond to the depths passing before my eyes.

All twelve of the main meridians contribute to and benefit from the eyes. Spirit resides with the eyes. The eyes see and through that activity feed both the soul and the heart. "Life Will" replenishes, or not, depending on the visions seen. While my Father was making his transition, some of the things I saw depleted me. I'm glad I was there for him. Now, through beautiful sights, I restore: Jing; Ki (Chi, vital energy); body; mind; spirit.

Missouri River and Jacuzzi Hot Tub

Here, at Hermann Hill Cottage 201, William and I rekindle our marriage while restoring our sense of being. Our eyes enjoy the attention to detail in the vision of Terry and Peggy - the Innkeepers. Our ears delight in the sounds of nature. All our five physical senses exalt in the experiences offered by the venue and the town of Hermann.

Water therapies are what I seek now along with the calm relaxation and quiet.

When we arrived at the Vineyard and Inn to check in, we were greeted by cheese and grapes and a fresh bread loaf. Well OK!, the black lab greeted us prior to our check in with the friendly and efficient staff. A deer greeted us as we left for our cottage. Just past the parking to the side of the long driveway she peered curiously over the wire fence. Upon lifting the cover to the deck Jacuzzi of 201 a frog said hello! And quickly departed with a leap disappearing. We saw him again the next morning with the misty sunrise where he allowed us to capture some poses.

Hermann Hill Bed and Breakfast - Frog art

Bubbles of warmth caress our weary bodies. Nature's aroma fills the air. The waters of the green grey river flowing East bathe our eyes. "Aahhh" escapes our lips. The deck Jacuzzi hasn't disappointed. 

Breakfast arrives. Prior, I had indulged in the rain shower with horizontal massaging jets. Mmmmnnnnn. To regain sustenance with such flavorful culinary delights delivered to our cottage and set up by the enjoyable staff. What supportive decadence.

Now, with full belly, relaxed being, and uplifted heart I simply encounter the breeze. Again, "aaahhh" escapes my lips. A smile relaxes my face.

The grieving process takes time and resolve. By treating yourself to sights, sounds, and tactile enjoyments, one heals.

I recommend retreating to Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn or the Cottages where they take care of you. Yet private time with each other predominates. Take your Healing Energy Blanket along and allow the vital energy stored within it to enhance your healing experience. Our healing blanket feeds Jing through the beauty of William's artwork, "Earth Angel". The Reiki charged cotton fibers offer comfort and support. You'll experience better sleep, reduced pain, and rejuvenated sense of well being. Upon your return to daily living, the healing blanket will remind you of your enjoyment and connections made at Hermann Hill.

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