What "is" Reiki?


Japanese translation of Reiki ~ Life Power

A Reiki practitioner has been made aware of the vital force that courses through us creating form and function. The student practicant learns to cultivate, store, and move that vitality and encourage health ~ homeostasis. We all have this vital capacity! The non professional uses it for self healing and family should they acquire the training for personal use.

A Reiki Professional chooses to continue to study while helping others find that healing capacity within themselves and earn an economic living with this practice.
Achieved through personal contact or through distances. Reiki - Life Force - is available to us all.

Mary's Path: a Reiki Professional who has served this community since 1990. First as a student of Reiki practicing therapeutic massage. Then adding skills and becoming a physician of energy medicine in the styles of Kototama/Inochi Meridian Therapy and Usui Reiki. My tools are the skills acquired over the years: Reiki, therapeutic massage, and meridian therapy. Meridian Therapy Acupuncture includes tools such as Teate (hand-energy practices to cultivate, store, and motivate energy in self and with patients), moxibustion (Mugwort herb burned on the needle, close to the skin, and in some cases on the skin directly as condition requires), needles, etc.
Licensed in Missouri in both Acupuncture and Therapeutic Massage.
All Mary's practices benefit from the empowerment brought on by the continued study and practice of Reiki and Teate.