Self Help with Tama Touch©

Self Help with Tama Touch©


Minimize anxiety and enhance health with Tama-Touch© This short video self care tutorial walks you through this powerful technique to support your health during these challenging times with COVID19.

Offered by Mary S. Wallis, Energy Medicine Physician, L.Ac., L.M.T. Tama-Touch©, like Shiatsu and Anma, uses hands-on therapy (no needles) to stimulate the vital force that courses through all of us so that it flows smoothly and unimpeded. Smooth flowing Chi/Ki through the meridians is the earmark of health in the Asian medical philosophies.

Tama-Touch© is unique in that it addresses the energies of the Extraordinary Meridians which are non-formed energies that feed the 12 Main Meridians that are of form. Scientific medical philosophy might say it re-trains the healing response (parasympathetic) aspect of the autonomic nervous system. Our society gears up our "fight, flee, or freeze" (sympathetic) aspects of the autonomic nervous system. Finding ways to encourage relaxation aids our ability to heal.

Tama-Touch© is practiced by a handful of trained therapists in the world and has been developed by Dr. Thomas Duckworth D.K.M., L.Ac. of Natural Life Therapy Clinic in St. Louis MO. Mary S. Wallis has been a student of Dr. Duckworth since 2001.

Fit it into your daily routine today!