We Are The Greatest Generation Of Our Time

We Are The Greatest Generation Of Our Time
Weathering the COVID!9 pandemic challenges each and everyone of us in some way each day. Losing physical contact with those you love; experiencing loneliness; contemplating what Hamlet contemplated in his great soliloquy - "To be or not to be..."; just taking it one day at a time; enjoying the quiet in society with the emergence of a beautiful Spring Season. Daily we make choices that we did not have to consider just six months ago from this writing in Spring of 2020. We can't hug! The majority of us are chasing the almighty dollar to make the shoe string stretch. Hopefully without breaking. And some of us have set their minds and hearts to finding the joy each day so that you feed your essence (Jing), which has everything to do with longevity of life.
I vacillate with fighting mind. One moment I am full of what I believe Joseph Campbell meant by "bliss" in the emergence of Spring's vibrancy. The next moment I contemplate the ramifications of a failed business due this challenge. Or, I consider the absorption of the times and how they sometimes draw me away from the one person with whom I am sharing this experience with most closely, my spouse.
Fighting mind can be quelled. And with each accomplishment of that spark of calm, we train our autonomic nervous system (the house of fear, fight, freeze, or flight//calm, health, response not reaction). That calls upon the healing and calming mechanism called the parasympathetic aspect (calm, health, response) of the autonomic nervous system. I once overheard my athlete brother describe how he won cross country races. First he would meditate (get quiet and rehearse the race through to the successful finish). That act of breathing deeply and quieting your thoughts so you can focus on one outcome/intention/sound causes you to engage that healing mechanism, the power of rest. When we call on challenges with that focus, drive, and intention, coupled with calm, well let's just say it! impressive things can happen.
The challenge we face now requires us to bring our focus to engaging this mechanism. To breath deeply into that area below our navel (we in the medicine call this place our physical center) "tan den". When we breathe into this space filling our whole torso from pubic bone to sternal notch, this "sea of energy" is fortified. Breathing out from this space then moves that fortified energy into the meridian system empowering us. Martial artists use this to be able to achieve miraculous movements. Great speakers call on this to make lasting and impacting speeches. We can call on this now, you and I, to successfully bring ourselves into balance and therefor health.
In my training, I have been taught to look for the cause and alter that, so the patient can remember their true self. We as a society need to look for the overall cause of this pandemic. Energetically change our destiny. From a world that shows debilitation due to our actions that have caused climate changes. To a world that sees self and world as the same and takes action to bring it into balance, on a physical level, on a spiritual level, and on the mental level. Bringing those three aspects symbiotically into balance with the intention of changing humanity for the better and thereby changing ourselves for the better. So that we wont depend on hospitals so much because we have adopted health patterns that keep us functioning optimally. We can do that!
This is but one way we will be considered the greatest generation of this time. Because when we have survived this, and we will!, our children's children will learn about our culture in school. How we chose to bring health home to roost by changing our diets, learning to cook, and exercising more. We are the greatest generation because we will have learned to conserve energy when needed and expend energy to better ourselves as a whole.
I believe in us. So, when you are feeling stressed, depressed, and exhausted, remember that this time is ours to chose the right action now, this moment. From that decision forward the energy vibrations have resonated. Now! we will vacillate between the choices that empower "life will" and therefor joy or exhaust "life will" leading to despair. Like in meditation, each practice trains our brains. As you practice the positive life enhancing activities/decisions, it will facilitate an energy pathway that enhances health. The more you chose that path, the healthier you become.
We are the greatest generation of our time. I saw my father transition life from my birth to his death. He was of the last "greatest generation". The Great Depression, serving in the second World War at the Battle of Hurtgen Forest, surviving two wives, and losing a couple of sons molded him into a survivor. His generation has been considered the "Greatest Generation" for their ability to adapt and overcome adversity. This pandemic and all that it brings is molding us. Ask yourself, what sculpture are you creating? Now, make choices that help you sculpt the best in yourself. And you will be the survivor that talks of the joy balancing the sacrifices made in overcoming this life global challenge. 

Mary S. Wallis, L.Ac., NCCAOM Acupuncture Diplomate, L.M.T., C.N.M.T.
Energy Medicine Practitioner in the Japanese styles of Kototama/Inochi Medicine and Usui Reiki
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