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Quitting Smoking? Acupuncture And A Strong Community Can Help

June 13, 2016 Mary S. Wallis

Smoking can be harder than heroin to quit, so the experts say. Lifestyle changes need to occur as well as resisting tobacco since smoking is tied to many of your behaviors. Many of your friends and family members may be smokers which can make your quitting harder. Joining a support group of ex-smokers and receiving meridian therapy acupuncture could be your ticket to successfully quitting.


January 25, 2016 Mary S. Wallis

Meridian therapy successfully addresses most ailments and is best used for prevention. The smart medicine consumer will allow themselves to see me four times a year to keep their energetic system tuned. Kind of like keeping your car engine tuned for better performance and gas mileage. The time which is referred to as "the season between the seasons" has an incredibly powerful vibration to it that supports transitional change. So, making your seasonal tune up appointment during that three week period (approx.) uses the energy to its fullest. The approximate times here in St. Louis for this incredibly transformative period...

The Healing Effects of Gratitude

January 19, 2016 Mary S. Wallis

Over the years I have been gifted with lessons that direct me to an attitude of gratitude for all with which I am blessed. I often have to relearn the lesson. So there have been many opportunities thus far to be reminded of this. Serving with Acupuncturists Without Borders in aiding the survivors of the Joplin tornado was an indirect lesson in how fortunate we are. A direct lesson came in 2008 when our home was invaded by a burglar while we were away visiting my husband's family. Upon entering our home, having only been gone a couple of hours,...

Terrorism and Social PTSD

December 07, 2015 Mary S. Wallis

kids on a tank
My practice sees a great many folks with symptoms of PTSD. Did they experience a bank robbery like my favorite bank teller did recently? In her case yes. But most of the folks afflicted have simply been watching the national and local news.  Mass shootings of the caliber recently seen in San Bernardino, California bring back the memories of the past horrors like Columbine, Colorado in the mid 1990's;  Colorado Springs, Colorado recently...

Zestful Healed Living

September 20, 2014 Mary S. Wallis

Living a healed life offers insights into living that those who have yet to face a life challenge do not yet possess. When you place your feet on the floor in the morning, how do you feel? When healthy, I feel full of energy and ready to experience the day. The anticipation of the day’s activities spurs me to make my way to the shower. There I enjoy the warmth and tingle of the water as it stimulates my skin and further relaxes my muscles. You may even hear me hum or exclaim my pleasure in a long sigh of “aaaaahhhhh”.

Lately I’ve been challenged by a painful back...