Zestful Healed Living

Living a healed life offers insights into living that those who have yet to face a life challenge do not yet possess. When you place your feet on the floor in the morning, how do you feel? When healthy, I feel full of energy and ready to experience the day. The anticipation of the day’s activities spurs me to make my way to the shower. There I enjoy the warmth and tingle of the water as it stimulates my skin and further relaxes my muscles. You may even hear me hum or exclaim my pleasure in a long sigh of “aaaaahhhhh”.

Lately I’ve been challenged by a painful back. Twenty-five years of leaning over a table for a minimum of eight hours a day has seemed to take its toll. In the beginning, even small steps caused a gripping sensation in my low back and a hollow pain that radiated through my whole pelvic region. I view these challenges as research. Now I have a better understanding of how my patients feel. I usually try to deal with the issue on my own. This time I needed assistance beyond my own tools of the healing energy blanket, stretching, and self-help te a te reiki.

I turned to my teacher, Dr. Duckworth at Natural Life Therapy Clinic, for meridian therapy acupuncture. I received a massage from my associate, Rebecca May. I even consulted my D.O. (general practitioner). The healing process has been slow. Healing is occurring. And now that I have more good days than days gripped with pain, I appreciate life more.

These challenges that we face and overcome or learn to tolerate and live life with zest in spite of, can be incredible enlightenments. Human beings have been healing since the dance began at our specie’s inception. Friedrich Nietzsche said, “what does not kill us makes us stronger”. Those who have yet to experience some life challenge have not the appreciation for living that those who’ve been challenged and triumphed have.

Once I went into a deprivation chamber. You lay in a pool of highly salted water and float unencumbered by sensation. Upon leaving the chamber, everything! is new. The breeze as it caressed my exposed skin. The sun’s warmth on the crown of my head. The vivid nature of color in all that surrounded me. I have experienced that upon leaving a hospital after, what I call, a near-death experience. Perhaps you’ve experienced the same thing after a bout of flu?

If you are drawing breath, you have the capacity to heal. Some things take a long time to turn around. Others may be called chronic illnesses that one must learn to “manage”. The healing capacity to overcome or simply tolerate the challenge resides in each of us. That stream of energy can be tapped. Sometimes it can be tapped without assistance. Other times tools at the ready need implementing. Ask when you need help. Seek out the tools that can assist your innate healing potential. Breathe deep into that area below your belly button and rediscover your fortitude. That strength carries you through the day and offers the potential for life with zeal.