Quitting Smoking? Acupuncture And A Strong Community Can Help

strong community
Smoking can be harder than heroin to quit, so the experts say. Lifestyle changes need to occur as well as resisting tobacco since smoking is tied to many of your behaviors. Many of your friends and family members may be smokers which can make your quitting harder. Joining a support group of ex-smokers and receiving meridian therapy acupuncture could be your ticket to successfully quitting.
I once was a tobacco addict. In my twenties, when I felt immortal, I smoked. It started out as a way to look older and more sophisticated. Yes, I know!, how silly. Later, it became a way to pass my time on work breaks instead of eating. Always, in the back of my mind, I remembered my mother's demise from breast cancer. She was a smoker. That wasn't the only contributing factor. But, more than likely, it was a factor. One day, the resolve kicked in and I gave myself a good talking to in the mirror. There were ups and downs along my adventure to quitting. Quit I did. It has been over thirty years since last I smoked a cigaret. I no longer crave them. Although, on occasion at a party, I might have a passing fancy as I watch my friends who still smoke. So far, I have resisted the urge.
It is with the help of friends, family, and healthcare providers, that our journey is encouraged and supported. As a meridian therapy acupuncturist in the Japanese style of Kototama/Inochi meridian therapy, I see many who attempt the path to conquering their addiction. I always tell them that they really must want to quit. Getting acupuncture is not a magic bullet. However, it often is the support that their physical, mental, and spiritual being needs to let go of the patterns that support the addiction. Balance in all three is necessary to supply the resolve, determination, and discipline for stopping such a powerful hold over oneself. By coupling auricular acupuncture with the constitutional support of a meridian therapy acupuncture treatment, the energetic make-up finds its own true balance while the autonomic nervous system gains homeostasis. From there, good decisions are made to support vital existence.
Now take that energetic support to another level and include encouragement and guidance from family, friends, and a like minded support group. More often than not, one finds success. Recently an on line support group reached out to me as an acupuncturist to see if we were a fit and I could be included in their listing of acupuncturists who take on the challenge of smoking cessation. I was impressed with their website. It offers folks who are taking on smoking cessation to have a more immediate source of support. Through your electronic device, any time you need the encouragement, you can tap into this group. They offer tools to manage the challenge. And you get to help others along the way with your personal story. The community can be accessed by going to: https://quitza.com/groups/1090/quitting-smoking-with-acupuncture.
I can tell you that I am glad that I no longer smoke. I don't miss spending the money. I enjoy smelling and tasting my food. Waking up and stretching joyfully instead of reaching for that pack on my bedside table feels more life enhancing. Taking a walk without huffing and puffing air feels better too. And, while my clothes smell of moxa smoke, since I use that in my practice, I don't have that stale tobacco smoke air about me.
Ready to take the plunge? First, get your core group around you on board. Next, make a meridian therapy acupuncture appointment. Then find Quitza.com and sign up. And, consider a Healing Energy Blanket. During those difficult times when resolve is at a minimum, wrapping up in it and focusing on the reasons you have decided to quit can work wonders in regaining your courage to continue the challenge.

Mary S. Wallis, L.Ac., NCCAOM Acupuncture Diplomate, L.M.T., C.N.M.T.
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