Transitioning to Autumn

The crisp morning greeted me today! My joy filled anticipation of baking bread, vibrant leaf colors, and touch football in the back yard bubbles up inside me. This revelry hasn’t always been my attitude with Autumn’s arrival. In the recent past, Autumn meant seasonal allergies and the possibility of a respiratory virus. Having been treated in the system of meridian therapy acupuncture now going on twelve plus years, I can again greet my favorite season happily. I will again seek out that first leaf that changes color while heralding in cooler nights and 70 degree days. Hiking at Pere Marquette last year tickles my memory and enlivens my spirit. What will I see this year on the ridge?

Right now, the season of Fall is approaching. We are in the transitional season from Summer to Autumn. And this is a very powerful time for change. We see it in our traditions. People perform Fall cleaning in preparation of being closed up for the winter and hosting holiday gatherings. People who grow their own food have already started canning and preparing the root cellar. We see it in nature as, most visibly, the squirrels have begun the gathering frenzy.

This time between the seasons supports change. Now is the time to implement that life style diet or exercise discipline. It will be easier to stick with. It is time to assess how we transitioned the Summer. Did we burn the candle at both ends because daylight burned so much longer? If so, we may be less fortified and need this time of transition to regain our physical, mental, and or spiritual foothold.

While cleaning up the house, think about cleaning up the body. I like the detox kit by BHI Heel (now called Body Anew), a homeopathic cleanse. Or simply add red or dark miso to your daily diet. It helps to pull heavy metals and toxins from the system. In Japan, after the nuclear bombs were dropped, the hospitals that used both Japanese and Western medicine saw a greater recovery rate from the radiation poisoning. It was later attributed to the traditional use of miso in the Japanese diet.

While your detoxing your body, remember to detox your mind. Find time to meditate daily. This retrains your healing mechanisms. By quieting the mind, the body benefits. When the body benefits from a quiet mind, the spirit is lifted.

A meridian therapy acupuncture seasonal tune up during this transition can be very effective. By receiving a treatment now, your energetic system has a better capacity to deal with and sync up with the changing season. Coming into any situation from a state of balance is always a better starting point.

Another tool in your health tool box is Lotus Root Tea. I like Eden Foods myself. There are other brands you may wish to try. Lung tea, as it is called by some, fortifies the lung energy. I have seen it stop bad coughs when nothing else would. To use it preventatively, just drink a cup of tea as the package directs (making sure you ingest all the lotus root) daily. If you find yourself battling a respiratory virus, add some ginger to it and drink often throughout the day. And, yes, you can add a little honey to it if you must!

Use the motivating power of the season that transitions from Summer to Fall to commit to needed life style changes. The added energy is here to help you prepare for the Fall season, which is the season to help you store up the harvest in preparation of Winter’s scarcity.