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January 25, 2016 Mary S. Wallis

Meridian therapy successfully addresses most ailments and is best used for prevention. The smart medicine consumer will allow themselves to see me four times a year to keep their energetic system tuned. Kind of like keeping your car engine tuned for better performance and gas mileage. The time which is referred to as "the season between the seasons" has an incredibly powerful vibration to it that supports transitional change. So, making your seasonal tune up appointment during that three week period (approx.) uses the energy to its fullest. The approximate times here in St. Louis for this incredibly transformative period...

Transitioning to Autumn

September 06, 2014 Mary S. Wallis

The crisp morning greeted me today! My joy filled anticipation of baking bread, vibrant leaf colors, and touch football in the back yard bubbles up inside me. This revelry hasn’t always been my attitude with Autumn’s arrival. In the recent past, Autumn meant seasonal allergies and the possibility of a respiratory virus. Having been treated in the system of meridian therapy acupuncture now going on twelve plus years, I can again greet my favorite season happily. I will again seek out that first leaf that changes color while heralding in cooler nights and 70 degree days. Hiking at Pere Marquette last year tickles my memory and enlivens my spirit. What will I see this year on the ridge?

Right now, the season of Fall is approaching...

Why I Believe In What I Do – A Healing Path of Life Experiences

April 16, 2014 Mary S. Wallis

Being discouraged by the number of pharmaceuticals I was prescribed, I set out to find a better, natural, healthier way to heal and maintain zest in living. This is an account of the path to healing that it took and how pain was relieved and asthma controlled using meridian therapy acupuncture, homotoxicology (homeopathic combinations), chi gong, and other natural tools.
Having been a “sickly” child growing up and having the blessing of an incredible healer in the form of our family D.O., my expectation of a physician is tinted. I say tinted because the picture in my mind has the hue of sepia and all the warmth it invokes. Those experiences with Dr. Lincoln Hurst, whom I view as my first teacher in the art of medicine, set in me a respect for the total being. I didn’t leave his office without an education as to the workings of the human being...

Why Acupuncture? My Quest to Understand our Energetic System

April 16, 2014 Mary S. Wallis

Curious about the meridian system, massage therapist Mary Wallis apprenticed with Dr. Thomas Duckworth to learn and practice Meridian Therapy Acupuncture.
Having practiced massage therapy since 1989, the mystery of the meridian system remained. Many spoke of this energetic system but few could explain what it was and how my work affected it. The more I studied the intricacies of anatomy and physiology, the greater my curiosity about what underlies and drives us. Physics tells us energy first then form. I had to know more...

Questions for Dr. Duckworth: The Future of Kototama

April 16, 2014 Mary S. Wallis

This is a question to Dr. Thomas Duckworth, my teacher, and his answer to that question. I found it most informative and wanted to share it with my readers. Mary
Hello Again Dr. Duckworth,
I am writing because I am curious as to your take on the future of Kototama medicine. I was profoundly impacted by a practitioner in my teens, which later led me to research a little. I was able to purchase some of Nakazono’s books, but I otherwise found very little about Kototama medicine specifically. I suppose that I have some strange concern that this profound practice would remain obscure.
Do you have thoughts about this?...