Shirley’s Success – A Kototama/Inochi Meridian Therapy Success Story

Click Here  to watch Shirley’s video, 1 min 45 sec.
In the video, Shirley A. discusses her recovery from rotator cuff injury using Kototama/Inochi Meridian Acupuncture Therapy.

“I thank God everyday for finding you, Mary Wallis”, said Shirley A., age 81, after her last Kototama/Inochi Meridian Therapy session. Shirley came to me at age 79 with two torn rotator cuff injuries, one in each shoulder. She had been the gamut of therapies and pain clinics with no relief. Shirley refused surgery: “I didn’t want surgery since the doctors said it might not work and could make it worse! But, Kid, I cried everyday with the pain. I’m not one to just sit around. I couldn’t clean my house the way I wanted. And it was getting hard to mow my lawn without horrible pain after.” As I hear so often, “you are my last hope!”.
Shirley had found me in a roundabout manner. A family member related to Shirley that there was an Acupuncturist who may be able to help relieve her pain just two doors down from the dentist she frequented. Not having the name, Shirley called the dentist. He was kind enough to step out of his office to read the name off the storefront window.
I began treating Shirley December 29, 2009, a few days prior to her 80th birthday. Her shoulders were painful to the touch, ached all the time, and hurt worse after activity. I noticed a great deal of swelling in both shoulder joints. She reported that the pain began three years prior after having thrown a heavy box to a co-worker on a ladder to be placed on the top shelf. Doctor’s diagnosed two torn rotator cuffs. Many therapies had been tried.
There was a great deal of up and down relief with meridian therapy treatments. At the 23rd treatment we both were feeling frustrated. She was feeling discouraged. We talked about how the energetic pulses were showing signs of healthier balance. I encouraged her to stick with it. Then the 25th treatment was given. After that treatment, the pain relented with consistency. Even when she would clean house, paint the kitchen, do yard work – she would ice her shoulders and rub them down with Traumeel ointment. The pain would then relent and she found herself recovering more quickly.
When treatments began, they were scheduled twice a week. Then we were able to schedule at once a week as the energetic pulses were showing that she was holding onto the balance from the treatments. At the 24th treatment we were able to schedule at two weeks apart. The 27th treatment was scheduled at four weeks apart and the pain behaved. At the 32nd treatment I suggested she come back for seasonal tune-ups. She didn’t want the pain to return. So she opted to come back in two months. She did well over those two months. But once the spring damp began, she needed monthly treatments again. I saw her March and April of 2011 and she was back on track again.
She’s been on a two month schedule ever since. This next treatment will be a fall to winter tune-up and, all going as planned, I won’t see her again until winter to spring tune-up. She’s gained that much confidence in her ability to hold her balance and be free of pain. At the last treatment she said, “now I forget I’d had pain. Until I do something to over-stretch. But then I rub Traumeel ointment on and rest. And I come see you now and again. I wont let that go! I don’t want that pain again. People say it must not have been that bad. They just don’t know how much pain I was in, Kid.”
Shirley recently saved a neighbor’s life. She routinely walks everyday around her neighborhood. She’s quite the talker so she knows all her neighbors and their habits. A 90 year old neighbor hadn’t picked up her paper in a couple of days. Shirley called and got no answer and no machine. She let it go one more day. That Sunday, when she passed the house with newspapers gathering and no visible signs of activity, she again went home and called. No answer. This time she went down and knocked hard on the door. She raised such a noise that the next door neighbors became curious. Together they discovered this woman on the floor of her kitchen. The paramedics were called and the woman survived. Had she been there one more day, the doctor surmised, she probably would have perished.
I admire Shirley for her tenacity and perseverance. Kototama/Inochi medicine works. I see it often in my practice and have experienced it in my own physical being. However, natural is not always quick. Shirley’s attitude, compliance with suggested homework, and willingness to continue past the roller coaster ride of her healing process made a difference. Her pain is at bay. Yet her range of motion is still impeded. For her, that is acceptable. I’m grateful to Shirley for showing me how active 81 can look. And for her reiterating to me that the body heals.