Why I Believe In What I Do – A Healing Path of Life Experiences

Being discouraged by the number of pharmaceuticals I was prescribed, I set out to find a better, natural, healthier way to heal and maintain zest in living. This is an account of the path to healing that it took and how pain was relieved and asthma controlled using meridian therapy acupuncture, homotoxicology (homeopathic combinations), chi gong, and other natural tools.
Having been a “sickly” child growing up and having the blessing of an incredible healer in the form of our family D.O., my expectation of a physician is tinted. I say tinted because the picture in my mind has the hue of sepia and all the warmth it invokes. Those experiences with Dr. Lincoln Hurst, whom I view as my first teacher in the art of medicine, set in me a respect for the total being. I didn’t leave his office without an education as to the workings of the human being. Often, instead of antibiotics, I was given enzymes to reduce the swelling in my lymph nodes allowing my body to reject the pathogen naturally. But that was after I had been given an antibiotic so strong that it discolored my adult teeth by another doctor for a separate matter. I’ve experienced both worlds: that of allopathy, having it save my life on at least two occasions; that of alternative medicine, having it help me to regain my zest in living. This is a brief accounting of my journey. It is not meant to replace a health practitioner in your life. It is also not meant to bash the allopathic profession. It is meant, as are all the practices I keep, to empower healing. What that means to you is going to be different than what it means to another. We are all unique individuals in all aspects. But if my journey can enlighten you and help you on your journey to healthy living, then I have fulfilled my personal mandate.
The transition from secure child to depressed teenager was marked by family deaths. There were many adults leaving the stage from nine years old to fourteen. The ones that most impacted me were the deaths of my mother from breast cancer and the suicide of my brother. My mother had been the hub in the wheel of life. The family swirled ever further from the gravitational pull of that unit upon her demise. As a child, watching the allopathic solution to her diagnosis horrified me. It was not the first time that system had frightened me. I am told that when I was two, earlier experiences had traumatized me. So much so that a man in a white shirt could not come near me to hold me. That left Dad out. The business attire of the day had everyman in a white shirt and suit. He had to change clothes to hold me. Dr. Hurst represented his profession well, however, and kept my wary confidence.
Dr. Hurst retired. I entered the work force. I stayed fairly healthy for awhile and so didn’t see doctors. When Mark and I married, his insurance dictated to whom we went. I suffered some health concerns and followed the advice of my M.D.. Over the years I have dealt with asthma, multiple bronchitis episodes, colds, flu’s, and a melanoma. In my late twenties I found myself exploring alternative medicine. I didn’t like how when I went to an allopath I kept getting more prescribed. It wasn’t just their fault. My lifestyle wasn’t even close to the best. So I felt there must be a better way. I refuse to believe that it is inevitable that one will grow sick. I know one will die. But I believe that there is a way to live fully until the moment of ones death. And I wish to attain that. I first found massage. Through the journey of becoming a practitioner of the art and science of massage, I discovered aroma therapy, Reiki, neuromuscular therapy, active isolated assistive stretching, and then meridian therapy which added the tools of acupuncture, etc..
This latter, meridian therapy, has brought me to a place of balance that makes it easier to live a healthier lifestyle. Am I perfect in its practice? Not yet. I am striving to be. I am also forgiving of self and aware that it is a path. From time to time, I may wander slightly off the path. I find myself returning to the path of health quicker and with more insight as each day progresses. Seasonal treatments help me stay true to the path.
Fourteen years ago, the Fall of 1997, I had an experience that changed my perception on living. Still there is some question as to whether it was an asthma attack or pneumonia that took me to the emergency room that evening. Regardless, my blood oxygen level was around 70. That is as near death as I have consciously been. It spurred me to reevaluate my life. I looked to diet for the answer. I read the book and threw it across the room. I did not want to make those changes! A month later I made the changes. I stayed with that for six months. Then I rebelled. A short time later a melanoma was excised. My body had gotten my full attention. Fourteen years now have passed with me walking on and running from the path of health. Due to lifestyle changes spurred by my study of meridian therapy and its use, I am reducing and eliminating prescription medications, feeling great, enjoying seasons that used to torture me, and really living life.
Meridian therapy gave me the access to balance. A reference point needed, if only short lived. Each reminder of balance helped me understand it better and hold it longer. Through that understanding came discipline in food choices, exercise, and Spiritual practices. I need work still. But the power of choices is something to realize. Each conscious choice I make brings me closer to understanding by the experiencing of it. The power is “knowledge”. The knowledge I seek is the formula for living life to its fullest! Through my practice I am learning that life’s fullest is different for everyone. But the remedies to life’s challenges can be simple and natural.
Meridian therapy not only taught me a way to live life healthfully and vivaciously, it lead me to other remedies that I can utilize at home and that cost me much less than conventional therapies. The power is again in my hands. As it was for my ancestors who took charge of their health and practiced “healthy” because they had no other choice. Truth is, we have no other choice! We each of us are in control of our health. We must realize it and act upon that knowledge. Healthy lifestyle is number one. Until you get there the remedies I write and talk about are ways to deal with the symptoms. But instead of using suppression of symptoms, our tools use the body’s own defenses and mechanisms to ease pain, mobilize joints, and empower the immune system (to name a few). This empowers the body to deal with the core issue and eradicates the need to have the symptom.
Meridian therapy led me to homotoxicology. That is a system created by Hans Reckeweg who was a consummate homeopath. Recognizing the challenges of Hahnemann’s Homeopathy, Reckeweg created homeopathic combinations that gave the preparations a broader range of use. These are the Heel preparations and products that we offer. Homeopathics were the medicines of choice from the early 1800’s to the 1930’s. After the discovery of penicillin, the search for the “magic bullet” ensued. Many abandoned homeopathy for the newer chemically based medicines being created. However, homeopathy has survived. People are rediscovering its benefits and marveling at their lack of negative side effects. The British Royal Family uses a homeopathic physician. And my personal experiences with the homotoxicology products produced by Heel Inc. have been quite positive. The “Detox Kit” has helped me reduce my cravings for sugar, noticeably changed my level of pain, and makes my skin smoother and softer. I use it twice a year (Spring and Fall). Each application causes deeper levels of change. I feel more energized after completing the detox. The “Asthma” tablets have allowed me to use my rescue inhaler less often. Traumeel oral drops and ointment have done wonders to relieve pain and enhance my mobility.
The remedies that I have utilized personally have allowed me to reduce and, in some cases, eliminate prescription pharmaceuticals. The homotoxicology preparations and the recipes handed down from my teacher by his Sensei encouraged these achievements. I have successfully treated my own pain using meridian therapy, homotoxicology, energy practices like chi gong, and natural remedies gifted to me by my teacher. Many patients, to whom I have recommended these products and practices, rave of their effectiveness.
Those who have yet to experience the medicine suggest it is all placebo effect. I don’t know. I know how it has made me feel and how much life I have regained since discovering this medicine. I also feel that it is important to put your faith into what ever medicine you choose. Positive attitude is proven to be of importance to the outcome of medical therapies. So whether it is allopathic or alternative medicine you choose, put your intention into the outcome of the process. Embrace the placebo effect and allow it to work for you. Having said that, I have had skeptics who have benefited by meridian therapy medicine, homotoxicology, and/or the other ancestral remedies.
Meridian therapy is different from any other therapy that I have yet to experience in that it so closely follows the patients highest intention. Through the energetic pulses, patient communicates to the practitioner what energies need to be fortified and what needs rest. Can you heal without meridian therapy? Some people certainly can by lifestyle changes alone. If that is not you, seek out a practitioner of Kototama/Inochi meridian therapy acupuncture. Can’t get to one of those? The information in my website is designed to help you make choices with the gift of information. Just remember that “to treat oneself is having a fool for a doctor and a fool for a patient”. I see my teacher for treatments seasonally at minimum. I have a D.O. who is willing to work with my natural tendencies. However, I view my medical team as advisers. Their expertise I can benefit from and make informed choices as to what is best for me. Between visits I utilize all the tools in my possession to maintain the health I have regained. And I have set the mark higher in the health that I can achieve.
May my experiences in life empower your quest for healthy living. The articles and remedies on my website are there for your informed use. May they be of some benefit. I believe in these practices because I have seen their effectiveness both personally and professionally. Please, let me know how they affect your life.