Sore Throat Gargle Relief

Moxa, commonly known as mugwort, has many uses. Making a gargle to relieve sore throat and further one’s healing is one of the best uses of moxa that I’ve discovered. It is simple to make and to use. Here’s how.
Obtain the cheapest grade moxa. Look for it in the tea section of your health food store as mugwort. Or purchase it online from an acupuncture supply company. (The finer grades have other uses.) Take a big pinch of the fluffy herb, about a tablespoon. Add that pinch to boiling water. Remove from the heat and cover. Steep for ten minutes. Strain the herb out of the liquid. Let the liquid cool to a comfortable but still hot gargling temperature. Gargle with the liquid in small doses for ten minutes. Any remainder can be stored in the refrigerator for next use. Simply reheat to the appropriate temperature. Gargle often. And gargle a couple of times after the pain has subsided.
Gargling with moxa eases the discomfort of the sore throat. Moxa also aids the body in ridding itself of the pathogen causing the sore throat. You will want to wash the sink after expelling the gargle as it temporarily stains the basin. The whole process is worth the effort.