Testimonials from blanket owners

Slept Without Pain

I slept with no pain for the first time in three weeks!
Mary H.

Helps With Mom's Pain

I bought this for my Mom. She uses it all the time, every day. She has chronic pain and has also had TIA's. She says it helps her with the pain.

A Rush of Energy

I bought the blanket after seeing an ad on Facebook. As soon as I took it out of its box upon receiving it I felt a rush of energy flow thru my body—wow! When I wrap myself in it I feel as if I'm being gently hugged from a loving source.
M. R.

Tingle of Healing Love

I continue to use and enjoy my beautiful angel blanket. When pain pops up I feel the same enhanced tingle of healing love that was there at the first day. On an every day basis i sleep with my angel comforting and watching over me.  It seems to be just the right weight and warmth level for every season.
Thank you for the love and warmth of the angel blanket. It is a hug from Source to be sure!!

A note to us from K.G.

K.G. writes regarding having received the Healing Energy Blanket to aid her husband's recovery from a stroke. "Thank you very much. I used the blanket (when my husband was not) to reduce stress and it helped me also. He is doing great now and I truly believe the Healing Blanket did help!"

Use It Everyday – Calms My Baby

Our Healing Energy Blanket is centrally located in our living room. We are in contact with it every day. Nothing quells a toddler temper tantrum faster than wrapping up in the Healing Energy Blanket and snuggling!
E. T. B.

Better Sleep!

Right away I am using less of my sleep aid medication.
Sandy D.

She asked for the cuddly blanket

Autumn was having trouble transitioning to her own bed. The Healing energy blanket was the missing link. After adding it to her bed she was comforted and slept through the night! Thanks.
Erin B.

The healing blanket is awesome!

The healing blanket is awesome. Works well with the sound meditation and the rosary! May your guardian angel on your healing blanket be by your side!
S. D.

A Great Tool and Well Made

The healing energy blanket is used in our house all the time! Great tool and well made. An awesome blanket. My daughter is sleeping under ours right now!

Trusted and treasured resource

Repost from FB - Mark posted a photo of the Healing Energy Blanket and his travel bag with these words, "No matter how nice the accommodations, no matter how friendly the environment, I just never really sleep well when I travel. As such, I'll be bringing my trusted and treasured resource with me this weekend for a little help."

Attached to Me

The healing blanket has attached itself to me! I am with it everywhere in the house.

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