Testimonials from blanket owners

A Centering Anchor in our Home

The energy in our house runs in waves, they catch different people at different moments. Our Reiki blanket is tremendously helpful during meditation and recharging. It brings us to a healing place of peace; back to the present. It is perfectly sized, substantial in weight and is beautifully designed. We are 100% thrilled to have the blanket as part of our wellness environment at home!
Mark G.

Amazes even me!

I'm the one to charge the blankets and even I am amazed at how it works for me. I had oral surgery during the hottest part of the summer and spent two days under the blanket for pain relief. The prescriptions couldn't be held down due to nausea. While I was under it, I experienced minimal pain. I never got too hot to have it on me. What a blessing!
Mary S. Wallis, L.Ac., L.M.T.

After owning it, felt compelled to give some as gifts.

My wife and I both love our blanket, not only for its healing properties, but also because it is a beautiful (both sides!) and high quality item.  We have also given a couple as gifts to family members who had a need for some additional healing; it makes a wonderful gift as a unique heirloom quality product, whether or not they may believe in its healing properties.
Bill Harrison

"The Blanket"

The "angel" blanket as it is referred to in our home is the most sought after snuggle item in our living room. After purchasing the blanket, my family belittled its healing powers. Those were the good ole days. I had the blanket all to myself! They started using the healing blanket as a default -getting up off of the sofa and dig for a quilt required too much effort on their part.
Now it is the coveted item in our home. It dawned on me last night that we tend to congregate around the blanket. If someone has it, typically there is someone curled up with at least their feet tucked under. When we go on a road trip, it goes with us in the car. I have a girlfriend that when she walks in our home, immediately says “Give me that blanket!”
I am so grateful and proud of Mary for sharing her time, talents and energy with not just me, but with the ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Her endowment of healing is a priceless gift, and I am thankful that I made the decision to acquire THE HEALING BLANKET.
Nancy Goldstein

Bought one for myself and one to give as a gift

I bought The Te A Te Reiki Healing Energy Blanket last fall. I kept it on my sofa to use each evening to unwind from the day. I would wrap it around me or sit on it while watching TV. As the weather turned cooler I put it on our bed and my husband & I slept under the blanket each night. It was very relaxing and warm. I decided to purchase one for my 94 year old Mother. I knew she would love the unique design of the beautiful stained glass angel. She also uses it in the same way as we have on her chair in the evening and also on her bed during the winter months. Our two dogs love to sleep on it whenever they can get to it first. Mary & Mark, thank you.
Bev Brack

I love the blanket for many reasons

I love the Reiki Healing energy blanket!! Mary introduced me to it last year at my studio. I bought one because I know and love Mary. What I found was that the blanket REALLY WORKS!! My massage clients love it whether they know what it does or not. They tell me they feel different, in a great way, after having a massage with the blanket on them.
I use the blanket when I am at home and not feeling well. I immediately feel better and more centered when I am using the blanket.
I now sell the blankets at my studio. Many clients have bought them and are sharing the healing with their friends and loved ones.
Thank you Mary and Mark for creating a great tool for healing!
Anne Thomasson Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist and GYROTONIC INSTRUCTOR

My comfort zone

I have the beautiful Angel healing blanket draped over my living room recliner, where I retreat to at the end of the day after work. It provides comfort and healing to my tired body. I feel relaxed and refreshed after I cuddle with it for a while. I feel blessed to have it! Anytime we don't feel well, it gets wrapped around and we feel better!
Ellen N.

The warmth of love

The blanket is amazing and has so many uses. The one I love the most.......I had a Reiki II class and put it on the back of the sofa where I knew one person (who needs help) was going to sit. She was so much better by the time she had been there an hour. I use it for my clients who come for Lymphatic drainage. It helps with assisting my machine to clear the body. I could go on and on. This blanket is outstanding and has so many uses but the beauty of it all is you can feel the love that goes with it from Mary and Mark. I just got over a bout of pneumonia and it really helped me to get well.
Thank you for the wonderful gift you have given the world.
Love and Blessings,
Jeanne Greening


We have found the blanket very comforting, particularly during the winter months with a hot cup of tea!

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