Testimonials from blanket owners

A favorite with people and pets!

We love our blanket, and so do the family members who have received them as gifts.  Beautiful, well made, soft and comforting.  You can't help but feel better when you have it wrapped around you.  It's also a favorite napping spot for our cats!  It must make them feel better too!
Peggy Harrison

Dental Treatment Benefits

We have been using the Te a Te Reiki Healing Energy Blanket for about six months in our office. During an appointment our patients are telling us that they are experiencing less anxiety. Certainly it is giving them a feeling of warmth. Patients feel more secure and comfortable with the blanket. 
After the appointment patients have contented feeling and experience less pain postoperatively. Our patients have reacted very favorably after using the Healing Energy Blanket.
Paul S Herrin, DDS.

Healing Blankets

I loved your healing blanket so much I have two. They really help me to decrease my anxiety every day.
My dog Sheba really loves them also. They always make me feel safe and peaceful.  
Chrissy Merello

Restful Sleep

Not only is the image on the blanket inspiring, but the blanket itself is high quality and cuddly.  I find that I sleep more deeply and calmly when I'm snuggled under the healing blanket.
Kathi Remmert

An Amazing Blanket

This is a beautifully designed blanket.  I cuddle up with it in the evening  after a stressful day.  It relaxes  my tired   muscles and gives me a  more restful sleep.   My  six year old granddaughter "steals" it from when she is  having bad dreams and she sleeps more peacefully. I LOVE this blanket.  Thank you Mary for this beautiful gift!! 
Carol Schmuck

I love my Reiki-infused Angel Healing Blanket

I love my Reiki-infused Angel Healing Blanket and have slept on or under it ever since it arrived.
It feels soothing, comforting and nurturing, and has been a blessings to these sometimes achy bones. Bless you both for collaborating to create this healing gift!
Mary, your healing energy is greatly appreciated. William, your artwork is inspired.
May all that you both do to help and heal this world come back to you a hundred times over and may blessings abound in all levels of your lives!
Jeannie Breeze

Wonderful Healing Blanket

This beautiful healing energy blanket brings down the chaos.   On my shoulders or over my lap I feel the immediate sense of calm  and inner focus. Thank you for my blanket. 
dale s.

We call it the magic blanket

We call it the magic blanket.

Feeling better

My sister hurt her ACL and MCL and is using the healing blanket and feeling better. I think her fur babies love it too.

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