Blogger and Professional Reviews of The Healing Energy Blanket

Pippy on the Healing Blanket
Alice Langholt's cat Pippy

Marcie Warner
“I knew within the first five minutes of being wrapped in my new blanket that this was definitely something special and just the tranquility it offered me alone was worth its weight in gold.”
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Brenda Nicholson
“truly the most meaningful gift I have received this season” 

Alice Langholt
“I’m so impressed with the quality and also the loving attention that went into making this beautiful blanket”
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Marcia Kadens
"I've been wrapping up in it in the morning when I, well meditate would be too strong a word so let’s say set my intention for the day, and after my long runs. Thing 2 and I snuggle up in it when we read together. And the dogs are drawn to it, what can I say?"
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Sarah Baker
"Last week I received an “energy healing blanket”, courtesy of I must admit I haven’t done much research on energy healing, but I was intrigued to find out what it was all about."
in her blog The Balanced Babe 


"Dental treatment benefits"
"We have been using the Te a Te Reiki Healing Energy Blanket for about six months in our office. During an appointment our patients are telling us that they are experiencing less anxiety. Certainly it is giving them a feeling of warmth. Patients feel more secure and comfortable with the blanket.
After the appointment patients have contented feeling and experience less pain postoperatively. Our patients have reacted very favorably after using the Healing Energy Blanket."
Paul S Herrin, DDS on Jun 18, 2015

"I love the blanket for many reasons"
"I love the Reiki Healing energy blanket!! Mary introduced me to it last year at my studio. I bought one because I know and love Mary. What I found was that the blanket REALLY WORKS!! My massage clients love it whether they know what it does or not. They tell me they feel different, in a great way, after having a massage with the blanket on them.
I use the blanket when I am at home and not feeling well. I immediately feel better and more centered when I am using the blanket.
I now sell the blankets at my studio. Many clients have bought them and are sharing the healing with their friends and loved ones.
Thank you Mary and Mark for creating a great tool for healing!"
Anne Thomasson, Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist and GYROTONIC INSTRUCTOR on Jun 13, 2015

"My experiences with this healing tool are always effective. I have had various experiences with this blanket for the years I have owned it to include but not limited to, increase energy flow, calming, centering, joyfulness, etc. As an Empath I find it helps to bring a stronger since of self, reducing the emotions of others that I tend to experience; a nice break from the influx of others. I also experience more vibrancy and clarity with any messages my guides and teachers bring to me. 
One experience I want to share I feel is paramount in the utilization of this blanket. During one of the Sound meditations Mary facilitates, I happen to sit in front of this blanket due to the need to make room for additional attendees. Mary hangs the blanket up in the direction of the group meditations. It was the first time I had engaged with the blanket in this setting. I noticed during the meditation that I achieved greater depths of meditation and clarity, I felt more connected to source, I was able to stay focused throughout and in fact I felt like the meditation was more....just more. It is hard to explain really. I even commented after to the group "wow wasn't that meditation really powerful?" and pretty much everyone seemed to feel like it was the usual great meditation. I realized later that it must have been due to the blanket that was flowing energy right behind me.
Like I said I have always been happy with the blanket but it was in that moment that I realized to what degree it could benefit. I have decided for my own definition that it helps with what ever one needs help with, in the moments that it is engaged. When I have the blanket folded up on my bed the dogs choose that spot to relax...otherwise they usually choose the more cushy pillow spots. Interesting really that pets have no idea the intended use yet they know. I purchased a blanket for someone who had a recent diagnosis and she commented on feeling a peaceful calm come over her.  Hope this information brings answers to anyone wondering in what other ways this healing tool can be used."
Rebecca May, Licensed Massage Therapist on May 24, 2016

"My patients use it to delve more deeply during therapy"
"I love the Healing Energy Blanket and so do my patients for stress relief and anxiety reduction. I've been using it personally and in my practice over a year now. It has helped me unwind between therapy sessions. And my patients use it to delve more deeply during therapy. Such a simple non-invasive adjunct therapy enhancer. Easy to wrap up in through all seasons. Sitting on it, holding it bunched, or just looking at it draped over my couch feels natural. And it adds beauty to my treatment room."
Maureen D. Taylor, Ed.D., NCC, LPC on May 31, 2016
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