Ignite Your Innate Healing Wisdom

The power behind Reiki and the vital energy cultivated through Mary's acupuncture practices infuse healing love into our blanket providing the user with the feeling of healing.

• Whether you are an experienced practicant or new to Reiki, it is worth trying it for yourself.

The Healing Energy Blanket
from Mary S. Wallis, L.Ac.   
Arrives within 5 days of ordering. 

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The Healing Energy Blanket at GYROTONIC St. Louis CentralA Gift of Health Above: our friends at GYROTONIC® St. Louis Central keep Healing Energy Blankets in their waiting area for their clients.  


Blanket owners consistently say it helps quell pain and reduce anxiety. This helps them to sleep better. Read what our customers, including a dentist, are saying...

Paul S Herrin, DDS on Jun 19, 2015 - We have been using the Te a Te Reiki Blanket for about six months in our office. During an appointment our patients are telling us that they are experiencing less anxiety. Certainly it is giving them a feeling of warmth. Patients feel more secure and comfortable with the blanket. After the appointment patients have contented feeling and experience less pain postoperatively. Our patients have reacted very favorably after using the Healing Energy Blanket.
K.G. on July 9, 2016 writes regarding having received the Healing Energy Blanket to aid her husband's recovery from a stroke. "Thank you very much. I used the blanket (when my husband was not) to reduce stress and it helped me also. He is doing great now and I truly believe the Healing Blanket did help!"
M. R. on Feb 10, 2016 - "I bought the blanket after seeing an ad on Facebook. As soon as I took it out of its box upon receiving it I felt a rush of energy flow thru my body—wow! When I wrap myself in it I feel as if I'm being gently hugged from a loving source."
Kathi Remmert on Jul 08, 2015 - "Not only is the image on the blanket inspiring, but the blanket itself is high quality and cuddly. I find that I sleep more deeply and calmly when I'm snuggled under the healing blanket."   Read more reviews

Made to Hold Healing Energy

The blanket is a medium which holds universal life power or vital energy. Mary infuses the blanket with this life force energy in much the same way people are attuned to Reiki energy in her classes. The blankets then resonate that vital energy 24/7 for as long as the blanket exists. See blog post: "I Believe".

In the 1960's Dr. Bernard Grad experimentally researched healing energy. Known "touch healers" were recruited for study. Among his findings was that healing energy could be stored in cotton, among other things. This charged cotton could make plants grow faster and wounds heal faster.

The Healing Energy Blanket by Mary S. Wallis L.Ac.


You get healing energy whenever you need, for a price that's equal to less than 3 hours with a live energy therapist. The healing charge stays with the blanket for its lifetime.

Go to the Healing Energy Blanket's buy page
Go to the Healing Energy Blanket's buy page

The Healing Energy Blanket  $189.00
30 day money-back guarantee.
You will receive your blanket in 3 to 5 days from ordering.

Use it every day to feel better, every night to sleep better. Relax and soothe your muscles. Enhance your protective energy. Ease your insomnia. Less sleep anxiety.

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