Energy Healing for Dogs

Mary S. Wallis L.Ac. is an acupuncturist and Reiki teacher in St. Louis, Missouri

Mary S. Wallis L.Ac. is an acupuncturist and Reiki teacher in St. Louis, Missouri. 
Mary sells an angel-design blanket to her patients.
She holds each blanket in her hands to intend a healing energy into it. 
Blanket owners say it calms, relieves pain, improves sleep.

Using The Healing Energy Blanket for Dogs

The Healing Energy Blanket gives people the feeling of comfort and healing. It also has been found to work on animals.

Dogs like the way the blanket feels.
They really like it. Almost every blanket owner that bought it for themselves tell us they have to shoo the dog off the blanket to use it. 
Dogs seek the blanket out for comfort and use it as a secure base to stay centered.

"Sheba" has her own Healing Energy Blanket
Sheba pulls back the sheet to touch her Healing Energy Blanket

Calming Comfort
Several dogs with behavioral challenges were being housed during the day in an office setting. When anyone would come to the office door, it would stir-up a certain dog for several minutes. We donated a blanket for the dogs to use, as an experiment. 

We were told that the dogs politely took turns laying on it and that the problem dog was much calmer when strangers appeared at the door. Instead of pacing, he quickly returned to the blanket.

Consider a blanket for your dog, to help with:
• hyper dogs
• dogs with separation anxiety
• healing your dog from illness and injury

Nancy's dog with the Healing Energy Blanket

Acupuncturist and Reiki teacher Mary S. Wallis hand treats each 100% cotton Healing Energy Blanket. Experiments have shown that cotton treated by a healer's hands can make plants grow faster and wounds heal faster. (Dr. Bernard Grad, McGill University).

Quotes from blanket owners:
"Our two dogs love to sleep on it whenever they can get to it first"   Bev Brach

"My dog picked up on the blanket right away. I’m told this often happens, and I’m sure she would steal it if she could."   Brenda Nicholson in a post from

"I loved your healing blanket so much I have two. They really help me to decrease my anxiety every day. My dog Sheba really loves them also. They always make me feel safe and peaceful."  Chrissy Merello

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
The blanket is not dog-proof, but a chewed blanket will work just as well.
You may return the blanket for a full refund within 30 days, for any reason (and in any condition). Buyer pays return shipping.

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The Healing Energy Blanket is also for dogs