Blanket as a Healing Tool

Blanket as a Healing Tool
Yoga in the park with the Healing Blanket

Performing meridian therapy acupuncture means targeting the source problem while keeping in mind the symptoms. So each session considers the constitutional cause of the energy disruption. I use acupuncture needles, Te A Te Reiki handwork, and tools that extend the treatment beyond the session. Those tools can be magnets, plasters, soaks, stretches, exercises, hinai (sub-dermal devices similar to needles), press pins, and the like. There are many tools that extend the treatment beyond the session. I see the Healing Energy Blanket as just such a tool.

When you leave the acupuncture session, your energetic pulses have normalized to about 80% balanced distribution. Over the next day or so, your body does the rest to achieve optimum balance. Some of us come to treatment with less of a capacity to hold the treatment results, let alone build on that base. That is where tools and suggestions that help the body to the next treatment while holding at least what was achieved in the last treatment apply.  I might suggest stretches, soaks, dietary or lifestyle changes, or a plaster. Or I may apply a press pin or hinai or magnet. These subtly influence the energetic system over time helping to progress in the goal which is regaining and maintaining balance. In balance we are better able to meet whatever challenges arrive.

The Healing Energy Blanket serves in this capacity of influencing the energetic system subtly aiding it in finding its unique balance and in maintaining said balance. When a treatment is administered, like a spinning top, we spiral in a balanced dance. Over time the top wobbles. With life and time our energetics can lose their balanced spiral and begin to show symptoms. That is why seasonal treatments are suggested. Taking a finger and tapping the top so it maintains its spin longer. And that is why I suggest to patients they purchase a blanket. So that they have a tool when they need it and a tool to keep their energy in tune.

Should a patient of mine feel a symptom, the blanket is right there, ready to begin the process of rebalancing their energetics. By sitting with it in meditation, using it as a TV companion, or sleeping with it as a blanket, the energetics are reminded of balance. That is what treatments are. They remind your system of its very own unique self-empowerment. That is what the blanket is, a tool to remind your energetic system of its balanced nature.

For those who do not receive treatments from a Kototama/Inochi Meridian Therapy Practitioner, the blanket may be the answer to finding and maintaining balance. That is its intention. Easy to fit into your lifestyle. Affordable. One payment achieves a life time of subtle treatments. Free of negative side effects. Compatible with many other therapies such as prescription drugs, chemotherapy, dialysis, and Yoga (to mention a few). And has a thirty day guarantee. Use it for thirty days. If it doesn't meet your needs, simply pay return shipping and we will fully refund your purchase price. How many health tools offer that!? Also, it is a high quality product that when properly cared for can be handed down to generations to come.

So consider purchasing your own Healing Energy Blanket to have around when the need arises. Feel more relaxed, move more freely and with less pain, and sleep better through the night. Great for pets too. Marvelous to receive as a gift.

Mary S. Wallis, L.Ac., NCCAOM Acupuncture Diplomate, L.M.T., C.N.M.T.
Energy Medicine Practitioner in the Japanese styles of Kototama/Inochi Medicine and Usui Reiki
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