New Mothers Need Help

New family with the Healing Energy Blanket

The Oriental tradition when a mother gives birth was to rally around the mother. The family, for a month, took care of the infant and the mother. She of course did the breast feeding and bonding with the child. However, they performed all the other care like laundry, cooking, diapering, etc. so that the new mother could recuperate her energy. Here in the modern West and often in the modern East, it seems, the new mother immediately begins caring for all the needs of the infant along with all the other duties she had previously.

My friend, Jeannie, related to me a story of her daughter's birth here in Missouri. A home birth, she labored extensively, delivered her daughter, and then was asked to get up and fix everyone lunch, which she did!

Carrying and delivering a child is a great gift! And it is a taxation on the mother. For the months of gestation, the baby is self preserving. It draws upon mom's energy to grow. The mother offers everything to the fetus. Sometimes to her detriment. Upon delivery, the mother still offers much by breast feeding. These energies need to be replenished so that the mother can continue healthfully in life. And she needs to re-fortify herself in the potential of having more healthy children.

The recent law that allows family leave certainly helps. But we as a society must realize the need of the new mother as well as the child. Allow the new mother decent rest. Fix her healthy colorful and veggie-rich foods. Take her out in the sun so she can replenish her vitamin D3 and gain much needed gentle exercise. Offer her plenty of water. And take her to the art museum, into nature, and to concerts so that her Jing can be restored.

Jing is an Oriental Philosophy concept that has to do with growth and maturation. We are born with Ancestral Jing imparted by our parents and that genetic heritage. That gets burned through generally by our thirties. Then it becomes paramount that we continue to feed the Acquired Jing that we ingest through appreciation of food, music, nature, our loved ones, etc..

So, if you are expecting a new arrival in your family, begin now to schedule yourselves to assist in the month after the baby is born. To assist you, consider giving a Te A Te Reiki Healing Energy Blanket. The energy infused in the blanket's cotton fibers act like a battery that one can tap into to recharge and rejuvenate. The beautiful art design aids in feeding ones Jing. It easily fits into any lifestyle. One can sleep with it as a blanket upon the bed, meditate with it, and or use it as a television companion. Using it just ten minutes a day can do wonders. But most folks who have one use it as much as they can.

Mary S. Wallis, L.Ac., NCCAOM Acupuncture Diplomate, L.M.T., C.N.M.T.
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