Healing Jewelry Rocks!

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Having just emerged from trial by fire, I searched for a healing ally.

I wanted a tool with which I could gain strength, find comfort, and foster renewal. It needed to fit into my daily life with ease and remind me that I have the capacity to heal.

There, on the counter of the store called The Forgotten Song, lay a lapis lazuli disc. It called to me. But, as usual, I resisted. I moved further into the store still searching. I perused books. I demoed music. I stroked the silk scarves. Nothing else would do. The blue lapis disc came home with me that day. I wore it every day. I gained strength. I learned new healing techniques in lifestyle changes and alternative therapies. My soul grew and my body healed.

After more than a decade, I gave that lapis disc to my sister-in-law to help her with her healing journey. She had been challenged by conventional therapies that she had been prescribed for a diagnosis of lymphoma, as well as the malady itself. I have to admit that I missed its weight over my thymus. Yet, I am glad to know that it continues to aid the healing of someone whom I love dearly.

Blue Lapis remains my favorite mineral to utilize for healing intentions. The metaphysical qualities describe a vibration of rejuvenation and resilience. I have certainly felt that while wearing the stone I gave to my sister-in-law. And now that I am blessed with the opportunity to work with the stone in my practice of energy medicine, I continue to experience similar feelings with the same mineral in the shape of different beads.

I joy in the making of a piece of jewelry that I feel will benefit “other”. We are all connected. There is no such thing as “other”. That is what I have been taught. I have yet to fully grasp that understanding. Experience is still how I understand things. I look forward to the days when I have a better grasp on the quantum physics of it all. My practice is my quantum physics classroom. I get to work with energy. And not just any energy. I get to work with human vital energy. The stuff, that at the very least, animates us. I get to consider the total being that has a body and a brain and also a soul.

I view the jewelry that I create as tools to facilitate healing. A way to mildly stimulate the energetic system in a way not too unlike homeopathy, or the devices like hinai, press pins, and magrain pellets. These therapeutic tools help to maintain balance between treatments. Methods to mildly remind the energetic system of its unique balance. The beauty of jewelry as a treatment extender is that jewelry can be used again. The hinai, press pins, and magrain pellets are disposable items that add to our waste removal challenges. And it is socially acceptable to wear jewelry. One of my medicine’s contributing masters, Sakai Sensei, said “go to where they are”. In this case I am interpreting that to mean getting it into people’s hands and making it a part of their daily living.

Do I feel that the jewelry will be all you may need to facilitate full healing? For some that may be true. There will be the majority that may need added therapies. And one should consult advisors when faced with adversity. If there is adversity, it is likely that there is imbalance somewhere. So allow calm minds to elicit calm and wise decisions. Please consult your chosen health care provider.

It has been said: “33% of the population will heal with no intervention; 33% of the population will heal with whatever intervention they choose; 33% of the population will need a very specific intervention to heal. The healing energy line of jewelry supports any therapy chosen.

Jewelry has been utilized at least 7000 years according to Wikipedia. It has been used as dowries, currencies, and adornments. The best part of jewelry is in the looking down at our wrist or ankle or at one’s bejeweled reflection in the mirror and seeing what you did for yourself that day. What a great confidence booster! Feeds the Jing. And when faced with a healing challenge, the jewelry can be that reminder that healing is in one’s nature.

Our jewelry melds the metaphysical philosophy properties with the emerging practices of energy medicine that I use in my clinic. Science is only beginning to be able to have the technology to qualify and quantify the discoveries of the quantum world. I get to experience that world each day in my alternative medical practice. Find out for yourself how natural materials enhanced with healing intentions by a professional in the field of energy medicine can benefit you. And then share your findings on our Healing Energy Blanket Facebook page. Healing Energy Tools are easy to implement. There are no adverse side effects. Natural healing is within reach. Let us inspire your natural healing tendencies.