Caring For Your Healing Energy Jewelry

* * * Sorry, we no longer sell healing jewelry. This post is for information only. * * *

You have invested in your health by purchasing a healing energy tool jewelry piece. Here’s how to keep it serving you for years to come.

  • Take your jewelry off during the night when you sleep.
  • Clean it by wiping with a cleaning cloth or soft cloth regularly.
  • If you need to clean it using soap and water, use a mild liquid soap gently agitating between your fingers. Rinse thoroughly, dry with a soft cloth, and use an electric blow drier to be sure it is dry in the bead holes.
  • Remove jewelry when bathing, swimming, or doing heavy labor like gardening.

The beads that we use are mostly mineral in nature. That means the stones are porous. Whatever you clean the stone with will be absorbed by the stone. Some cleaning agents absorbed by the stones can make them brittle. Also, the beading wire or thread could be damaged by the cleaning agent or the water lingering. Performing heavy tasks with jewelry on can put them at risk of breaking by being snagged.

The one stone that may be worn to sleep in is jasper as it is said to protect one during astral travel. However, sleeping in jewelry puts it at risk of breakage. They can be caught up in the bedding, snagged on certain bed frames, and stressed from being in pressure positions when trapped under body parts. If you feel the need for a healing energy tool while you sleep, the Healing Energy Blanket serves well in that capacity.

All Improved Healing Energy tools contain a Te A Te Reiki Healing Energy charge that remains through the life of the tool. This energy is the same energy I use in my energy medicine practice as a licensed acupuncturist and licensed massage therapist. It cannot be washed away and does not diminish with age. It assists any therapy you may already be using and aids the body in harnessing its own healing capacity. The Improved Healing Energy Tools have no negative side effects making them safe and accessible for all.