Balance in a Changing World

I write this just about two weeks after a young black man from Ferguson MO, named Michael Brown, perished. We have yet to understand the full story as to his demise. Yet the reverberation of the black community’s outcry of injustice has reached all around the world. The images of police in military garb and stance remain etched in our psyche. Is this our America, “land of the free”? Peaceful protests turned into chaos and looting. The people of Ferguson near that three block stretch became trapped by events. My adjacent town of Florissant MO was not directly effected by the crush of media or the insecurity of anarchists. But we could feel the unrest. And for me, Ferguson having been my childhood home, the struggle playing out on the nightly news was heartbreaking.

We’ve had world shaking events over the last decade or so. 911 seemed to be the first of the shock waves. And the ones that have stood out for me since then are Sandy Hook Elementary’s lone gunman shooting, the Boston Marathon’s bombing, and now Ferguson’s outcry of racial injustices. I’m just speaking about the events in the U.S.A.. The whole world is seeing riots, protests, and quick regime changes.

When Newtown Connecticut was reeling from the shock and horror that had transpired in their town, the world mourned with them. My husband and I were so affected that we strongly felt the need to do something to connect to those who were suffering. We managed to send Te a Te Healing Energy Blankets to the Fire Marshal to be distributed to those most closely effected. While that was perhaps not the best personal economic decision, it came from the heart and met our need to “do something” to help. Not terribly long after SandyHook came the Boston marathon bombing. If we would have had the economic means to send a million blankets to Boston, we would have. But like the rest of the world affected, we could only pray as a means to help.

Our “world”, that used to seem secure and tranquil, keeps showing us how much in flux it really is. And our coping skills have yet to be fully honed. So how do we cope?

Our Healing Energy Blanket offers a cocoon of tranquility. The gentle weight of it acts like a comforting hug. The Te a Te Reiki energy that is infused in the cotton fibers of the blanket encourages a return to balance. Physical, emotional, and mental pain is reduced if not eliminated. That is why we made such an investment and effort to get them to the people in need in Newtown.

Meditation, which includes prayer, helps to calm the mind and ease the heart. Simply take five minutes a day to breathe deeply into that area just below the navel with the intention of quieting your thoughts. That engages our healing response, the parasympathetic aspect of our autonomic nervous system. And in these days of increased radiation and visible unrest our immune systems need fortification.

Communication is key. Being able to speak your mind and hash out our differences to find our similarities in a safe and secure conversation can manifest the changes that are necessary. So talk with your friends, family, and when needed a professional counselor to voice your perspective. Join community organizations to be able to seek out new friends and learn their perspective.

Using some or all of these tools will help to restore one’s personal balance. When we are quiet within, that quiet is reflected in our environment. Let us work together to find balance and restore peace.