Autumn’s Arrival

Waking up to a crisp Saturday morning, the first of the arriving season, causes me to consider the gifts that the Fall season offers. Football games, picnics under the canopy of brightly colored leaves, the smell of freshly baked bread, and the many activities we undertake with gusto to prepare for the coming of Winter. The season’s energy moves us, much like the squirrels, to create a flurry in cleaning our homes, preparing food to be stored, and anticipating our needs for when we are blissfully snow bound.

The beginning of this season is one of transition. And in this time of the “season within the season”, changes come more easily. Making a life style change now is empowered by the energy of transition. So, whether it is exercising more or finding a time to calm your mind daily, now is the time that motivates.

Like this underlying energy of the season that has its own attributes, our Te A Te Reiki Healing Energy Blanket can assist you with necessary changes. The underlying energy infused in the blanket aids the user in their intentions. For instance, use the blanket under you while you stretch. Since muscle is very much a part of the dimension of this “season within a season”, beginning a flexibility practice now will seem easier. The blanket will provide a comfortable foundation that insulates you from the cold of the floor upon which you are stretching. The Te A Te Reiki energy will assist your body in relieving energy stagnations and improving smooth flow of vital energy that the Japanese call “Ki”. Stretching can be a physical form of meditation. By focusing only on the activity one can calm the chaos of thought.

Gaining flexibility in body and mind prepares you for the Winter’s challenges. As a life medicine practitioner, when I speak of seasons of the year I also consider the seasons of life. Autumn in life is the time of harvest and preparation for our “Golden Years”. Maintaining flexibility in body, mind, and spirit allows us to better weather the challenges that come in any season. Flexibility is the foundation of strength. The greater our flexibility, the better we bend with the stresses and recover once the stress is lifted.

Now, make a commitment to use this energy of transition to your advantage. Can’t find the “one” as there are so many? Wrap yourself in the blanket and pose the question to yourself, “What is it that I can do now to best serve my health?”. Be quiet and listen. The answer will come. Then use the motivation of this transitional season moving into Autumn and embark on your health empowering journey.