Making A Difference – A Personal Story of Connection and Contribution

Mary’s friend Aline was in pain. The story of how the “Reiki Angel Blanket” was born. How to connect with a loved one and ease their suffering with a blanket charged with healing love.
The air was crisp as I parked the car on the curb in front of Aline’s house. The short ride over didn’t allow the heater to adequately warm the inside of the cabin. I was glad to have my long black London Fog jacket to keep me warm. As I reached for the bag that held Aline’s gift from me, I remembered our short friendship. Amazing how a woman in her nineties could impact my life so.
It was just chance, after all, that had put us together. Her interest in living life to its fullest brought her to the study of the Kototama (meaning word soul). Its practice of sound meditation lead by Dr. Thomas Duckworth of Natural Life Therapy Clinic commenced each Monday night. My apprenticeship of Meridian Therapy Medicine with Dr. Duckworth was not quite a year old. Aline needed a ride to Kototama class. I lived nearby.
Her enthusiasm for the study of the Kototama inspired me. Here I was a young student of the medicine. Aline was a young student of the Kototama but a sage in the study of life. On the journeys back to her home after class, she stretched me with her questions unasked of Dr. Duckworth, the one who actually might have an answer. She wanted to know what I understood. Let me tell you it wasn’t much! But those car ride brain storming sessions lead to lunches and a blossoming friendship. We laughed, we cried, we pondered our very existence, we reveled in small insights, and we hugged.
The plastic department store bag encasing Aline’s present and get well card crackled as I grasped the handles and exited the car. The crisp air filled my nostrils clearing my head. The sense of shock eased a little. I struggled to contain my tears. That’s the last thing Aline’s family need contend with – a needy blubbering friend at the door – I thought.
Hearing my footsteps disturb the dry leaves as I crossed the lawn to her front door, I hugged the package. I wanted to be close to her. The news that she lay dying at home had shaken me. I had really thought she was going to live forever. So completely committed to life she seemed.
The family rightfully wanted to keep her suffering private. Although I wanted to be by her side, hold her hand, listen to her stories, and comfort her in some way – it was not to be. Selfishly I needed to find a way to make that connection. I also had an underlying hope that when Aline heard me at the door she might insist I see her.
The study and practice of Reiki had been going on with me now for twenty one years. I couldn’t be there physically to offer comfort and feel the connection that comes with that action. So I made my gift and wrote my card. I hoped the family would allow it. I hoped it would help ease Aline’s suffering.
I knocked on the door feeling a little apprehension. Someone I did not know answered the door. Without hesitation, to my surprise!, I offered the gift and explained. “This is a favorite throw blanket of mine. I thought that Aline might find comfort in it. Would you see that she receives it?” The card inside explained to Aline and the family that I had charged the blanket with Reiki in hopes that it would bring comfort. She graciously accepted the package. Now it was out of my hands, quite literally. I felt lighter. I felt glad to be respecting the family’s wishes yet offering something that I firmly believed would be of some help.
It was well after the funeral that Connie stopped by on a beautiful sunny day. She had brought me some personal items of Aline’s that Connie felt I might like. The Emoto “Water Crystal Oracle” cards and books were presented first. Connie told me how they had spent hours studying the books and cards. She told me a story of how they had spent one New Year’s Eve with positive words affixed to their water glasses to put Emoto’s theory to the test. The remaining stickers were acting as a book mark in one of the books and marking the page with the water crystal depicting the American word – thank you. Fitting. A small pad of paper with the words “expect a miracle” at the top of each page lay among the treasures. All the treasures presented that day in some way represented our friendship and interests shared. Connie and I reminisced and wept. Just prior to her leaving Connie presented me the blanket that I had delivered that brisk day some months ago. She told me how it indeed had eased Aline’s pain. On many occasions Aline asked for it special!
I had always liked that throw blanket. While convalescing or mourning losses, it had kept me warm; embraced me with its soft texture; offered simple amusement with its fuzzy texture. Now I had it again! enhanced with the Reiki healing charge and its connection to Aline. This cherished artifact lays gracefully at the foot of my bed during the colder months. In warmer months, its folded neatly on the back of the couch, ready to embrace me with love and ward off a wayward chill. The blankets embrace reminds me of Aline’s hug.
Who do you know that can benefit from a loving healing Reiki embrace? The inspiration that came due to this experience is Aline’s gift. Thanks to Aline, your loved ones can now benefit from our healing blankets charged with loving Reiki.
These Egyptian cotton “Angel Reiki” blankets function beautifully to ward off the chill. They enhance any room with their beauty. The beautiful angel is from the talented works of William Mark Wallis Glass Artist and Reiki practitioner. He first created this angel in stained glass for our Florissant office to empower the healing work done there. The picture will never fade as it is woven into the blanket.
The blanket’s Reiki charge is eternal. Making these beautiful, cozy, healing blankets keepsakes to be handed down from generation to generation. You too can experience the satisfaction of connecting to a loved one in need and offering comfort.
Let us send you the Reiki Angel Blanket by, a subsidiary of Improved Performance Inc.