Tofu Plaster for Fever and to Reduce Swelling from Trauma

Tofu is not just for culinary consumption. The cooling effect of the bean curd aids in inflammation reduction after an acute injury when applied topically. Unlike ice or the bag of frozen veggies, tofu gently cools the area without possible damage to the tissues from freezing. Used topically in key areas, tofu can aid in fever reduction. It is inexpensive, easy to obtain, and simple to use.
Tofu Plaster Recipe:
45% tofu (soft)
5% fresh grated ginger (or dry ground)
50%  all purpose wheat flour
Mix the ingredients together. If needed, add enough water gradually to make a soft dough.
You can make a plaster of tofu or just slice off a piece of firm tofu and place it on the injury site. It is easier to wrap an ankle with a plaster than try to place a slice around the ankle. A bump on the head can easily be soothed with a slice of tofu.
Tofu’s cooling effect helps reduce swelling and bruising. It is used for short duration. When using a slice, simply wait for the side that is touching the skin to turn yellow and turn it over. In the case of a plaster, I would change the plaster every half hour. This will give you time to assess the injury. Once diagnosis is made, an albi plaster or chlorophyll plaster may be in order.
A slice placed on the forehead, wrists, back of the neck, and a plaster placed on the belly helps cool the body very effectively. A slice can be encased in cheesecloth for the back of the neck. The slice can be turned when the side that is touching the skin turns yellow. A plaster should be changed every fifteen minutes to half hour. Monitor the temperature and keep the tofu in place until the fever reduces to a therapeutic level of 99 to 101 degrees.
Both inflammation and a generalized fever are our bodies response to a malady. These inflammatory responses are our natural mechanisms to fight invaders or aid in tissue repair. Instead of negating them, the idea is to help the body find homeostasis by aiding in temperature control. Tofu is a simple, yet effective tool in that process.