Ume Concentrate: "Medicinal Food"


Ume Concentrate (concentrated ume boshi plum)
From Eden Foods.

Great for the gastrointestinal tract. Also used in Japan for headaches. Powerful anti-fungal. Helps the body achieve a more alkaline state.  

Ume helps soothe nausea, quells vomiting, and eases gas. Stops diarrhea. Also excellent for acid reflux and GERD. Ulcers have responded well to its use. I have found it useful in the treatment of arthritis.  

For chronic issues, take one dosage a day on an empty stomach. If need be, make a dosage in the morning and sip it through the day. Reassess after one months use. For acute illness, take one dosage. If you need another, two doses in a day could be taken. Do not use this dosage for more than three consecutive days.  

Great for hangovers or that "comfort food" that backfired. But shouldn't be used to foster an unhealthy lifestyle. That will lead to greater problems down the road.  

Ume concentrate dosage: 1 gram (soy bean size glob)  

When ones energy is balanced, ume tastes a little sour but not unpleasantly so. Out of balance and ume can be quite unpleasantly sour. Those more in balance can easily take ume concentrate straight from the dosage spoon. Eden Foods supplies a spoon in their box. The little spoon is dipped in the ume concentrate, which resembles black molasses. Then twirl the spoon, much like one does with honey, to extract it from the jar.  

Take it straight from the spoon or make a tea by adding the soy bean size globule to 2 to 4 ounces of just under the boil water stirring to incorporate it into the liquid. Drink quickly while still hot.  

Ume can be used to rid yourself of that nasty toe fungus. Simply soak your feet in sea salt or Epsom salts daily. Dry your toes and feet thoroughly. Paint your effected toes with slightly diluted ume. Just enough water is added to help the ume spread. Be sure and work it under your toe nails and into the cuticles. Wear socks as this is a little messy. Best if applied 24/7. Also, take ume internally once daily. Takes a while. Depending on the severity of the infection, it could take six months to a year. But the patients who do this and who have been treated by me have remarkable results.