Traumeel® by BHI Heel - How Traumeel® Eases Pain


Notice - Sadly, Trameel is no longer available in the USA.
However T-Relief topically replaces topical Traumeel.   Link




Available in ointment, tablet, or vial form - Traumeel® regulates inflammation to ease aches and pains and allow more mobility.  

Inflammation has purpose in the healing process but when congestion impedes circulation of blood and lymph, inflammation becomes a hindrance to healing. Traumeel® regulates the components of acute and chronic inflammation, helping them do their job and then move on. 

Traumeel® comes in several forms:  

The "ointment" is a topical preparation that relieves pain and inflammation at the site of injury or pain. It can be used up to eight times in a day during acute stages. Great in combination with Zeel® for arthritis. Cosmetically, the ointment is great for keeping heels smooth and supple. It can also be used to alleviate acne.

"Tablets" help relieve tension headaches and muscle aches and pains while systemically relieving and regulating inflammation. They are lactose based tablets. Dosage: taken up to eight times a day for short durations during acute stages of inflammation; taken three times a day for chronic issues; taken as needed, as in a headache. They are dissolved under the tongue for best results.

"Drops" have the homeopathic component suspended in alcohol. Ten drops suspended in a small amount of water and then held in your mouth for approximately thirty seconds is the same as one tablet held under your tongue. Same benefits as the tablets. I've been using them more since the vials have become more expensive. For those with lactose intolerance or alcohol intolerance, the vials would still be the best vehicle for administration.

"Vials" are in a saline solution. A pipette is used to administer the dosage to avoid glass contamination. I like the vials as they seem to have a longer action. I can get away with once a day and, in some instances, once a week when using the vials. That works better for me and my busy schedule. I seem more compliant. But they are considerably more expensive in that form.

I have really come to rely on Traumeel® to ease my aches and pains allowing me to be active. If you want to stay young feeling, movement is key.