The Healing Blanket at GYROTONIC® SAINT LOUIS Central


2014 gave us our first retailer of our blanket. Anne Thomasson of Body Fusion and Gyrotonic St. Louis offers the blanket at her studio. She has sold quite a few in only a couple of months. Anne and her team of personal trainers help folks to restore function by strengthening the core muscles and encouraging flexibility of the spine.

"Anne Thomasson has been a professional associate and someone whom I have called friend for perhaps two decades. I have always thought her to be a dedicated and passionate person. We seem to share that. I trust her. A couple of years ago, I began learning GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® from her and one of her trainees...“GYROTONIC® methodology is a revolutionary concept in fitness focusing on the integrated movement of the entire body. The training consists of a series of full-rotational, fluid exercises — performed on beautifully handcrafted weight and pulley based equipment — that stretch and strengthen muscles and connective tissue, while simultaneously nourishing the body with focused breath work.”
—Mary from her post 
"Healing in My Fifities"

"I love the blanket for many reasons -

I love the Reiki Healing energy blanket!! Mary introduced me to it last year at my studio. I bought one because I know and love Mary. What I found was that the blanket REALLY WORKS!! My massage clients love it whether they know what it does or not. They tell me they feel different, in a great way, after having a massage with the blanket on them.
I use the blanket when I am at home and not feeling well. I immediately feel better and more centered when I am using the blanket.
I now sell the blankets at my studio. Many clients have bought them and are sharing the healing with their friends and loved ones.
Thank you Mary and Mark for creating a great tool for healing!"
Anne Thomasson Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist and GYROTONIC INSTRUCTOR on Jun 13, 2015

Anne Thomasson
645 Hanley Industrial Ct
Brentwood, MO 63144
Phone: 314-409-0229