The Amazing Blanket That Lets You Sleep

Can't Sleep without the Healing Energy Blanket
"It's the middle of the night. Everybody is sleeping but me or so it seems.
Frustration grows, the clock keeps ticking like an annoying drumbeat pounding my head.
"I need to sleep!" is what reverberates through my brain.

And sleep is elusive. Responsibility weighs heavily and, of course, tomorrow is a really busy day.
No help from professionals because they're not available now, they're sleeping. I've tried everything I know."

Mary S. Wallis L.Ac. with the Healing Energy BlanketSo what do you do? Take a chance on the Healing Energy Blanket.
It's made of all-natural 100% cotton and inside those cotton fibers is infused vital energy which soothes the body mind and spirit and restores rejuvenating sleep without unwanted side effects.

Take a a chance on yourself. You're worth that one-time fee.
It will be available 24/7, just when you need it. And it's of an heirloom quality, so you can hand it down to generations to come—to help them sleep better, feel better, and live life restored.

Mary Charging the Healing Energy BlanketEach Healing Energy Blanket is infused with vital energy by Mary S. Wallis L.Ac., acupuncturist and Reiki teacher.
Ships to you in just three to five days.
The Healing Energy Blanket 189.00
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"Restful Sleep - I find that I sleep more deeply and calmly when I'm snuggled under the healing blanket."
Blanket owner Kathi Remmert on Jul 07, 2015

" An Amazing Blanket - My six year old granddaughter "steals" it when she is having bad dreams and she sleeps more peacefully."
Blanket owner Carol Schmuck on Jul 12, 2015

"Dental  Treatment Benefits - During an appointment our patients are telling us that they are experiencing less anxiety."
Paul S Herrin, DDS on Jun 18, 2015 - after a 6-month test of the blanket.

The blanket has received 17 five-star reviews since June 2015.

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Use it every day to feel better, every night to sleep better.
Relax and soothe your muscles. Enhance your protective energy.
Help your insomnia. Less sleep anxiety.
Product category - Sleep Help, Sleep Aids

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