Teate Reiki

The development and teaching of Teate, healing through spirit

In 1933, M. Masahilo Nakazono Osensei became an Acupuncture apprentice under Dr. Juso Motoyama Sensei; he was certified in Body Energy Alignment (Kappo) in 1938; in the late 40s he became the personal student of Master Morihei Ueshiba Osensei, the originator of Aikido and George Ohsawa Sensei, the originator of Macrobiotics.

He spent over 10 years studying the way of healing through spirit, Teate, with Master Sakai and the art and science of healing through Sound with Ogasawara Sensei. These studies form the basis of Kototama Life Medicine which he instructed and guided Dr. Thomas E. Duckworth in for over ten years before acknowledging him as a teacher, Sensei, doctor.

Dr. Thomas Duckworth

Dr. Thomas Duckworth

Thomas E. Duckworth, Doctor of Kototama Life Medicine was Mary’s teacher. Dr. Duckworth’s Natural Life Therapy Clinic provided the Energetic and Vibrational healing modalities of Spirit Touch (termed TAMA-TOUCH), Inochi (Life) Acupuncture, Kototama Sound Healing, and Futonolito Meridian Therapy to St. Louis.

He taught throughout the US and Mexico for 35 years. He was designated a Sensei/Master by the founder of Kototama Life Medicine, Masahilo M. Nakazono Osensei in 1987 and was the only designated teacher of Teate/Kototama Medicine.