Self Health Empowerment Exercises - Day 21

Put The Practices Together

Congratulations! You have come through the practice to self health empowerment. Using these practices, you will experience better health.

You now may have noticed that you tend to reach for foods that are healthier than you did prior to starting this practice. You may be noticing that you have more vitality in everyday living. Most importantly, you've probably noticed how your hands have the capacity to comfort and energize.

Your thoughts are probably more quiet than they were when you began these practices just twenty days ago. And you may have noticed that your focus and memory have improved. Let us put these practices together. It will probably take you a total of ten minutes a day.

Ten minutes of self empowerment that will serve to better your life and probably the lives of those in your circle. For you have become a beacon of vital energy. You always were. But now you remember your true self.

Today's lesson:
Lie, sit, or stand comfortably. Bring your hands together, palms as apart as is comfortable and facing each other, in front of your lower Tan Den. Take a deep breath again into your lower Tan Den. Allow it to fill all three and from here sound the sounds of "Su-A-Wa" until you complete the breath.

While you are doing this for five minutes, pay attention to the feeling between your hands. Quiet your thoughts. Relax your body. Now you have completed your sound meditation.

Place your hands that are brimming with vital energy in your abdomen. Let your fingertips walk the mid-line from pubic bone to sternum. Then from navel to each side. Now explore the edges of the abdomen in a clockwise fashion. With your charged palms, press around the soft parts of the abdomen.

Should you find an overly soft part, hold that place for a moment. Should you find an overly hard part, hold that place momentarily. This should take a minute or two.

Now press gently in a spiral down the arms from the inside of the arms to the outside of the arms moving toward the finger tips. Do the same from the hips to the toes. Use your finger tips to massage gently your scalp around your ears from temples to neck. Now gently scrub your scalp all over.

When you finish, take a moment to experience and note how you feel. How does it compare to yesterday and the days previous?

Thank you for joining me today and through this series. Let your day unfold and be present in the moment. May these practices serve you as well as they have me.

In good health,
Mary S. Wallis, L.Ac., NCCAOM Acupuncture Diplomate, L.M.T., C.N.M.T. Energy Medicine Practitioner in the Japanese styles of Kototama/Inochi Medicine and Usui Reiki
President Improved Performance Inc.
895 rue St. Francois
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