Self Health Empowerment Exercises - Day 18

Heal with Hands-on Technique

Now you are familiar with the energy that emanates from your hands as you do sound meditation. That is your vital energy pulsing from your Tan Den out the chakras of your hands.

This energy is the energy upon which I draw to practice my medicine (Te A Te). I believe it is the energy that is behind Reiki (Universal Life Energy). You have been cultivating that healing energy now for the last 17 days.

So today, after you have performed either the belly scrub with the wash cloth or the body dry brushing, perform your sound meditation. After the sound meditation, use the energy that has been cultivated to help you heal with hands-on technique.

Today's lesson:

Lie, sit, or stand comfortably. Bring your hands together, palms slightly more apart but facing each other, in front of your lower Tan Den. Take a deep breath again into your lower Tan Den. Allow it to fill all three and from here sound the sounds of "Su-A-Wa" until you complete the breath.

While you are doing this for five minutes, pay attention to the feeling between your hands. Quiet your thoughts. Relax your body. Now you have completed your sound meditation. Place your hands that are brimming with vital energy over your face. Hold their until you feel the desire to move them.

Place them over your ears with the finger tips touching at the top of your head. Then move them to the back of your head, wrists near your neck line and finger tips resting near the top of your head. When ready, move them to your shoulders. Now, if you have a special need, place them over the area requesting attention.

When you finish, take a moment to experience and note how you feel. How does it compare to yesterday and the days previous?

Thank you for joining me today. Let your day unfold and be present in the moment.

In good health,
Mary S. Wallis, L.Ac., NCCAOM Acupuncture Diplomate, L.M.T., C.N.M.T. Energy Medicine Practitioner in the Japanese styles of Kototama/Inochi Medicine and Usui Reiki
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