Reiki You Can Take With You

Wrap Yourself in the Wings of an Angel 
to Reduce Pain, Sleep Better, and Ease Anxiety

The Angel Blanket is charged with Reiki
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You or someone you know may have received Reiki to jumpstart the body's own healing mechanisms. But did you know some experienced practitioners are charging blankets to achieve the same result?

Mary charges the Healing Energy BlanketOne such practitioner is Mary S. Wallis L.Ac., an acupuncturist in St. Louis, Missouri. She charges a beautiful angel blanket designed by her artist husband.

She initially made Reiki-charged blankets for her customers who couldn't get in to see her as soon as they wanted. We began to hear how the blankets had helped people—less pain for a man with kidney stones, better sleep for someone's daughter, less anxiety for a dentist's clients.

The Healing Energy Blanket by Mary S. Wallis L.Ac.
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Mary S. Wallis L.Ac. makes the Healing Energy Blanket to be a medium for the energy of Reiki. 
Here are some times you can use it.

Child sleeping with the Healing Energy Blanket
When you need help going to sleep.
Carol S. writes "This is a beautifully designed blanket. I cuddle up with it in the evening after a stressful day. It relaxes my tired muscles and gives me a more restful sleep. My six year old granddaughter "steals" it from when she is having bad dreams and she sleeps more peacefully."

You can read more user reviews here.

Mary's dad with the Healing Blanket
For aches and pains.
Mary's dad was one of the first to receive the blanket four years ago.
He is still going strong at 92.

Working on a deadline using the Healing Energy Blanket
At the office.
When you've got a deadline, wear it at your desk to stay relaxed and alert.
Also some offices are always cold if you're not wearing a suit.

Paul S. Herrin DDS
At the dentist.
Paul S. Herrin DDS (above) conducted a six-month study with our blanket and found that patients using the blanket were less anxious, felt more secure and comfortable, and experienced less pain postoperatively.

Using the Healing Energy Blanket during a treatment
During medical treatments.
Keep warm and feel protected during dialysis, chemotherapy, or labor.
It is a wonderful complement, it assists without interfering.

Healing an injured leg
After surgery.
Can act as a protective shield;  a reminder that you are healing.
(Dogs love the blanket. Some have shown calmer behavior when using it.)

When giving a gift.
You can be sure it will make an unforgettable impression.
See more photos here.
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