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The Healing Energy Blanket calms anxiety,
quells pain and helps them sleep
say blanket owners

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Helps With Mom's Pain
Pamela on Jan 18, 2016 - I bought this for my Mom. She uses it all the time, everyday. She has chronic pain and has also had TIA's. She says it helps her with the pain.
Slept Without Pain
Mary H. on Dec 17, 2015 - I slept with no pain for the first time in three weeks!
To Reduce Stress
K.G. on July 9, 2016 writes regarding having received the Healing Energy Blanket to aid her husband's recovery from a stroke: "Thank you very much. I used the blanket (when my husband was not) to reduce stress and it helped me also. He is doing great now and I truly believe the Healing Blanket did help!"

The Healing Energy Blanket by Mary S. Wallis L.Ac.

Made for her acupuncture patients, the Healing Energy Blanket is hand-charged with love by Mary S. Wallis L.Ac. of Florissant. The Healing Blanket is now available on our site, in stock now. Makes a great gift.

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The Healing Energy Blanket - $189.00
30 day money-back guarantee. 
You will receive your blanket in 3 to 5 days from ordering.

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