"Island Sun" Photograph

Full resolution image of the top of the photo.  "Island Sun"

Jing is an aspect of vital force that relates to growth and reproduction, time and space, and continuing. And it is through the appreciation of art and the beauty of nature that Jing can be acquired.

Visual Reiki photos have been charged with the Reiki tradition intending healing. Gaze upon them, clear your mind, and breathe deep. Let the energy spark your unique healing capacity.

Artist William Wallis

Let the joy and color of the sun and islands enliven your room with this 12x12 inch art show print.

The stained glass disc "Island Sun" was one of a set of four nautical themed pieces.
This is a print that was made for an art show in 2007, the image of the stained glass disc with a background of ocean swirls and small pictures of the other dolphin art.

It is printed on Epson paper with archival inks.
Size: 12x12 inches. Go to my site to buy. Arrives in 7 days or less.

"Island Sun" PhotographDolphin Love - In the Sea by An Island in the Sun

Closer images. Materials of the stained glass: iridescent glass (dolphins), clear wavy glass (sea), more expensive glass (the green of the island and the outer ring), and glass beads.

Inset image of Dolphins Love - Sun

Inset image of Dolphins Love - Left Dolphin

Inset image of Dolphins Love - Island

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